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BooksTom Clancy Novels, history books, classical literature
Video gamesLike most JRPGs.
SnacksDoritos and Beef Jerky are my fav snacks.

Partial to most fish, especially salmon.

Like to eat lean meat, especially that of most common game animals.

DrinksRoot Beer, Mello Yello, and Mountain Dew are my fav soft drinks

Like sweet tea (no ice most of the time), will occasionally drink coffee, sometimes just black, no cream or sugar.

Personal information
Real nameDaniel Cullen
BirthdayJuly 4th
About meI helped Vorticity/Labster found this site because not everyone wanted to trope on Wikia, and because, honestly, there needs to be an alternative to TV Tropes, especially since allegiance to advertisement sponsors and an increasingly oppressive "Stop Having Fun!" Guys atmosphere seems to have replaced the laid back wiki many members of this site used to enjoy.

I'm the tech guy around here, and I mostly just make sure everything is working properly and manage one of the current approved site bot accounts for maintenance edits and other needed projects.

I'm not a fan of admin fiat decision making and prefer to solicit suggestions from the community before making any major decisions, so drop by the The Forums or my talk page if you have a question.

I also do some game reviews for ChristCenteredGamer as of 5/22/2019.

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posted 304 days ago

Thank you for sending me that message.

posted 304 days ago

Hello, GethN7, I am curious if you can help me understand the connection with the Great Tribulation example and my trope here: I do not understand the scriptures from the Bible that well and it rather confusing for me to see how it fits as an example. Can you help with this?

posted 1030 days ago

Could you check my rights, please? I can't leave a comment on any blog post at all.

And it looks like I'm not the only one:

posted 1049 days ago

Hi, just wanted to let you know that I've published one of our new ATT dumps here:

posted 1425 days ago

.........For the past four years, we've been voicing our concern on ethics in video game journalism, hence the creation of #Gamergate. And with this what Appabend just read... let's call it an "article", I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO FUCKING START! So trust me when I say this "article" from Polygon WILL BREAK YOU!

.........It's an article with far-left propaganda. ......It's an entire article made up entirely of FAR-LEFT PROPAGANDA!

posted 1613 days ago

Got it. Do you remember me, man? We chatted before.

posted 1716 days ago

Can you give me auto-protection please?

posted 1981 days ago

that's what i just said i was doing lol

posted 1982 days ago

Then fully discuss and resolve this here, through text.

All that is required of you is non-interference.

posted 1982 days ago

What is your phone number? I would like to confront you voice-to-voice.