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  • Lucille Bluth wins a drinking contest against Kitty to win George Sr. back, then quietly stands up and says "excuse me, I've got to get back to rehab."
  • Gob successfully disappearing (read:sinking) the family yacht, restoring his reputation as a great magician and getting rid of some bad evidence against George Sr.
  • Another one for Gob--after having spent all of "Best Man for the GOB" being manipulated by George Sr., he finally builds up the guts to ignore him, turning off the TV George Sr. was appearing on live from jail in defiance.
  • In the final episode, the moment George-Michael becomes a man: by giving his uncle Gob a much-deserved black-eye.
  • J. Walter Wetherman, both times he appears. It's no coincidence that these two episodes together are Mitch Hurwitz's own favorites of the show.
  • Lucille drinking Kitty under the table at Senor Tadpole's.

Waiter: Can I get you anything else, ma'am?"
Lucille: No, thanks. I have to get back to rehab.