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Fridge Brilliance

  • Back in AC2, when Ezio is escorting Claudia and his mother to the villa, Claudia asks a series of questions ending with "Did they [their family] get a proper burial?" and Ezio answers "Yes,... they did." At the time most players assume he was lying to comfort her (and the novelization had him sending the bodies down the Arno River in a burning boat), but in this game we see at the end of the second Cristina Memory that the bodies were indeed buried.
  • In Assassin's Creed I, Al Mualim states that he has faced a thousand men stronger than Altair and has defeated them all and he uses the Apple of Eden. Altair then proceeds to defeat him with relative ease. It's revealed in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood that the Apple of Eden's illusions are Cast from Hit Points, which might explain how Altair managed to defeat Al Mualim. It's possible that he was talking out of his ass, but the former is more likely.
  • Claudia's skill with a knife shouldn't really be all that surprising. She's spent twenty years surrounded by mercenaries, with a fighting ring right outside the front door of the villa, and nothing else to do - something she explicitly complains about in ACII. Add in memories of the ugly fate of her father and brothers, and she'd have a damned good reason to learn how to fight and plenty of time to develop those skills with the help of Mario's mercenari.
  • Often times, while free running on buildings, a citizen may ask "isn't that illegal?" When you go up on rooftops with Borgia up there, they attack you as soon as they see you.
    • They also attack thieves who also free run.