Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood/Tear Jerker

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  • Though it's highly unlikely, it's still possible for assassin recruits to die fighting for your cause. Whilst death on a mission for money and items results in a Hand Wave on their fate, a heartbreaking "Requiescat in pace" goodbye can be given if a recruit dies protecting Ezio.
  • When you infiltrate Juan Borgia's party, one of the courtesans working for you is grabbed by Juan Borgia himself. Their ensuing conversation implies that he suspects she is Up To Something. Needless to say, she turns on the charm, and it seems like he's just going to have sex with her. Then, without warning, he strangles her to death. To me, at least, she gave her life for the cause, and I mourned her as much as - if not more than - any of my fallen assassin recruits. I also made sure to wipe out Juan Borgia's guards to the last man, and went on a guard murder spree afterwards for good measure.
  • The second Cristina memory where you put Fredrico, Giovanni and Petruccio to rest.
    • And the final one, where Ezio's second homecoming has Cristina meet her end. Being killed by a mob and what is the last thing he could hold dear to Florence completely disappaear forever