Babe/Tear Jerker

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  • The two moments mentioned at Moment Of Heartwarming. Even soulless abominations from beyond the stars find the room gets a bit dusty during those parts.
    • Every Thanksgiving the VHS copy of Babe gets put in into the VCR and the family gathers around to watch. By the time we are all told, "That'll do pig" we are all crying because who doesn't want or need to be told that in this moment they are all they need to be.
  • Rex's backstory: He tried to save several stray sheep during a flood but they wouldn't listen to him. Rather than abandon them he stayed the entire night in the cold and the rain and almost died in the process. The whole ordeal cost him his hearing and his future as a champion herding dog.
    • It gets worse. Its revealed in the film that sheep consider dogs to be on the same level as wolves, that is brutal, savage predators that terrorize sheep (dogs and wolves are related species wise & a sheepdog's herding techniques are based off how wolves hunt down large animals.What makes this worse for this scene is that the sheep didnt realize he was trying to save them & thought he trying to kill them instead. Also Rex likely never spoke to the sheep to let them know he was trying to help. Rather than stupidity on the part of the sheep for not listening to Rex, the whole ordeal falls down to Poor Communication Kills.
  • Maa's death
  • When Fly has to give up her puppies. And soon after that...

Babe: Fly... Can I call you Mom?

  • The scene where James Cromwell's character's granddaughter starts crying because she didn't get the dollhouse from TV. Not a Tear Jerker for her, the little bitch, but for Cromwell. He looks so sad after all the work he put into the house.

Babe: Pig in the City

  • There's a certain scene involving a dog named Flealick. Flealick chasing the car is almost too much for any person to take. When Ferdinand says, "You're just a little pig in the big city. What can you do? What can anyone do?" and Babe and the monkey turn away to follow Flealick.
  • Also:

"Thank you, pig..."