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  • Yuuji and Yoshii throwing the test papers from the roof of the school, forcing the teachers to prepare a new test and nullifying Nemoto's attempt at cheating.
  • In episode 11, Yuuji, Yoshii, Voyeur, and Tetsujin each have a CMOA. Yuuji's is for intentionally letting his grades fall until the very last test to throw off their opponents for the ESB, then letting the poor grades become known to their opponents so he could surprise them by overpowering Class D's summoned beings. Yoshii had his summoned being punch right through a wall dividing the classrooms, even though his own bones began to crack and his knuckles bled, but even that turned out to be a decoy for Voyeur and Tetsujin to get their CMOA, as Voyeur crashes through the window with Tetsujin to set up a surprise battle in health to finish off the Class B rep.
  • Yuji gets an awesome one defending Shouko after a couple insults her publicly about her dream to be a bride in episode 7 of Season 1.
  • Yoshii defeating friggin Ironman.

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