Batman Beyond/Quotes

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  • End of pilot.

Bruce Wayne: I warn you, I can be a difficult taskmaster. I accept nothing short of excellence from all who work for me.
Terry McGinnis: I think I can handle it.
Bruce Wayne: Very good then, Mr. McGinnis. Welcome to my world.

  • Terry and Wayne discussing recent attempts to make Wayne look crazy.

Terry McGinnis: Why were you so sure those voices weren't coming from you?
Bruce Wayne: Well, first, I know I'm not psychotic.
Terry McGinnis: ...I hope your other reason's more convincing.
Bruce Wayne: And second, the voice kept calling me 'Bruce'. In my mind, that's not what I call myself.

  • Bruce Wayne first encounters Payback, a costumed assailant.

Bruce Wayne: *smiling* What are you?
Payback: Your worst nightmare.

Bruce Wayne: *not smiling anymore* have no idea what my nightmares are like.

  • Batman beyond displays Red Shirts with Genre Savvy (even if it rarely saves them).

Guard 1: I've seen month old fish that have smelled better than this.
Guard 2: Are you for real? Somebody might be hurt.
Guard 1: All right. Go check. *tosses large gun to other guard* Here. In case it's a fish.
Guard 2: *humoring him* Right. *deciding to be a little savvy himself* Lock up after me.
Guard 1: You don't have to remind me. *locks cab*

  • Terry explains why he wants to be Batman, Return of the Joker.

Every time I put on that suit, it’s my chance to help people who are in trouble. I guess on a personal level, it’s my chance to look like a worthwhile human being again. In my eyes… no one else’s. It’s what I want, Bruce.

  • The final lines of the movie.

Bruce: Terry. I've been thinking about something you once told me...and you were wrong. It's not Batman that makes you worthwhile; it's the other way around. Never tell yourself anything different.