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"Among thousands of comrades and ten thousand enemies, only you made me forget my dream."
"When you meet your God, tell him to leave me the fuck alone!"
Guts, to Bishop Mozgus.
"Indeed he is powerful but what will he do when his foes are dead?"
Serpico, after seeing Guts in the berserker armour.
"Destiny...destiny...destiny...destiny...SHUT THE HELL UP! How 'bout you save your high and mighty crap for after I've been haunted to death, skullface? Sacrifice? Offering? Destiny? Quit spoutin' out a bunch of cryptic explanations! The point is, this is war! It ain't different from any other war! The last one standing wins! Listen here! I'm beatin' all a' you back down to Hell! Tell those ugly pale-faced bastards for me! If I get hit, I will hit back! Tell 'em leavin' me half-eaten is gonna be the end of you! I'll hunt and kill all those wretched monsters...and all of you...DOWN TO THE LAST ONE! THIS IS...MY DECLARATION OF WAR!"
Guts from the Berserk manga, declaring war against the Apostles and the Godhand.

It's a story of self-reflection, and one man's journey to- GORE! GORE! BLOOD, TITS, GORE!

"I won't leave you somewhere. I've had enough of leaving people behind. This time, I won't lose you."
Guts vowing to stay with Casca in volume 22
"...Don't watch..."
Casca's very last words as a sane person to her lover Guts, volume 13