Black Butler (manga)/Nightmare Fuel

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  • In the manga when Ciel and Sebastian are at Baron Kelvin's mansion and are having dinner. The "circus" show he has a few children put on isn't all that scary... Until we see a little girl on the tightrope fall and we're treated to a panel of her leg and a nice SPLAT complete with blood squirts. Then we see two other children drag off her headless corpse, leaving a lovely, bloody trail behind. Or how about the child who was a lion tamer that's eaten right on stage? The fact that Baron Kelvin is laughing and applauding makes it all the more frightening. Then he acts surprised that Ciel doesn't like the "show" he had the untrained children put on special for him. It was a pretty disturbing chapter, but the ones following it had their fair share of horror--Ciel's flashbacks? A crazed cult leader stabbing a child in front of you? Horrific. How about a doctor who uses children's bones in his prosthetics stabbing a child in front of you the same way the cult leader did? Really horrific. Ciel got physically sick when he saw the doctor do this.