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  • Genius Bonus: With combinations of Shout Outs, for lack of a better category.
    • Excalibolg is a kanabō, a real (albeit archaic) weapon, though with both exaggerated size and spikes rather than studs. It does, however, have the grip of a baseball bat - even the tape!
      • Additionally, its name may be derived from Excalibur and Caladbolg (a somewhat less well known sword from Irish legend).
    • Sakura-kun's school is "St. Guernica's Academy" - there is no "Saint Guernica", however "Guernica" is the name of the famous painting by Pablo Picasso symbolizing the bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. "Guernica shows suffering people, animals, and buildings wrenched by violence and chaos."
    • The...uh...very loose interpretations of Kafka's The Metamorphosis in Episode 3. Probably also counts as Non Sequitur Scene (yeah, even for this show) because it comes out of nowhere.
    • The Corpus cavernosum that Dokuro-chan asks Sakura-kun to pronounce and then loudly start reading about is the medical term for the erectile tissue in the male penis.
    • For a brief moment, a book with the title Caligula can be seen on the school library shelves. Good, wholesome reading for kids!
    • Most people wouldn't recognize the weird-looking plants in the final scene of the anime as accurately-drawn different types of carnivorous plants.
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