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Authors, and Websites

The Rescue Ranger Database, created by Matt Plotecher, upgraded and currently maintained by Winston

  • Recommended by Midnight Man
  • Comments: The most comprehensive collection of Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers fan creations on the Web, featuring both fiction and art. The classics can all be found there as well as many newer creations. If you're looking for any famous CDRR Fanfic, you'll most probably find it here.

Strange Unlimited: The Rescue Rangers – Writings by Matt Plotecher

  • Recommended by Midnight Man
  • Comments: So you're into Matt Plotecher's own writing? You want to read his Chip Noir Dale's Rescue Rangers stories in chronological order? His website leaves nothing to be desired. It can all be found at the RRDatabase as well, of course, but it's in a better order here.

Indy's Ranger Museum – Fanfic Page by Dr. Indy

  • Recommended by Midnight Man
  • Comments: On special pages of his Ranger Museum, Dr. Indy keeps his own fanfics, many of which his partner-in-crime Chris Silva co-wrote. Especially the Unknown Ranger Tales, ten stories with more than 700,000 words altogether, are recommended when you're an Anti, i.e. against the Chip + Gadget pairing.

The Acorn Cafe Story Board, part of the Acorn Cafe, the oldest and biggest Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers fan forum

  • Recommended by Midnight Man
  • Comments: Here is where the latest English stories from the core fandom are published. This section reaches back to July, 2005; older stories can be found in the archives going back to February, 2001. A good place to search for the classics; you'll find them at the Café or at the RRDatabase or both. Expect the occasional song parody to come your way, though.

General Fics

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance. May contain varying amounts of shipping nevertheless.

Miami 'Munks by David Walker

  • Recommended by Screwy Sqrl
  • Synopsis: While on Vacation in Miami, the Ranger wing is stolen by cheese smugglers. Gadget rebuilts the older Ranger Plane to get it back.
  • Comments: Not especially remarkable, but probably the OLDEST Rescue Rangers fanfic, written when the show was still in first run. Submitted to Disney as a possible script.

Under the Bridge by John Nowak (can be found here)

  • Recommended by The Great Unknown
  • Synopsis: The Rescue Rangers are attacked by an albino mouse on a quite sophisticated submarine she built. The mouse turns out to be Gadget's twin sister Widget who was believed to have died hours after her birth and who seeks revenge now.
  • Comments: Under the Bridge, by John Nowak, is simply brilliant. However, it is also soul-crushingly depressing.
    • Another thing that is remarkable about Under The Bridge: Instead of just going the easy way by relying on Hand Wave, John Nowak went into a lot of technical details when he described the many original contraptions from a mouse-sized .22 gun to a fully operational rodent-sized submarine. Besides, the main original character Widget Hackwrench is among the most popular original characters the Ranger fandom ever came up with, and she is famous for developing into a Byronic Hero instead of simply remaining a villain.
    • More info can be found at the Ranger Wiki.

The MSTed version of Under the Bridge by John Nowak (both author of the original and co-author of the MSTing) and Matt Plotecher

  • Recommended by Mark Lungo
  • Synopsis: Under the Bridge is MSTed.
  • Comments: The MST leavens the mood of the original work. A rare good MST of a good work.

The Rangerillion by Mr. Spumoni (part 1, part 2, part 3)

  • Recommended by Midnight Man
  • Synopsis: The Rangerillion tells the history of the show and the fandom...
  • Comments: ...and it does so in a Tolkienesque way, so it is not really a documentary. Like The Lord of the Rings, it is written in three parts, each one of which bears an individual title. One probably needs to be a true and dedicated Rescue Rangers fan and familiar with the names of both Disney employees and well-known fans of all eras to fully understand The Rangerillion, especially the second and third part which are about the history of the fandom, starting in 1993 when the show is cancelled, and ending with the author's arrival in the fandom. All in all, The Rangerillion covers a timespan of 18 years. The title is a play on The Silmarillion, of course.

"Dummy" by The Illustrious Crackpot

  • Recommended by Kady The Red Panda
  • Synopsis: He wasn't stupid. He KNEW he wasn't. But the fact that his best friend thought so depressed and infuriated him all at once.
  • Comments: An excellent Chip and Dale friendship fic. The two bicker a lot but at the end of the day they'll always be friends, and The Illustrious Crackpot does an excellent job portraying that.

"Dreamless Nights" by JeffNindo

  • Recommended by Kady The Red Panda
  • Synopsis: Another restless night means Chip's mind is free to wander...
  • Comments: Even the most confident leaders have worries and concerns at the back of their heads, and this is a very interesting look in what could possibly be in Chip's mind late at night.

Of Mice and Mayhem by Chris Fischer (can be found here)

  • Recommended by Ranchoth
  • Synopsis: A routine job at Nimnul's lab goes wrong, and the Rescue Rangers, reinforced by Sparky, Tammy, and Foxglove, lose their long-time member Gadget. She is rediscovered at a secret laboratory, but when the Rangers save her, they slip right into a Government Conspiracy.
  • Comments: Many people write cartoon fanfic; not as many write and draw 231-page graphic novels that dive headfirst into high drama. Must be seen to be believed (in a good way).

Closer Than a Brother by BOC42

  • Recommended by Sinclair
  • Synopsis: A bodyguard job for a Russian mouse actress turns out to be more dangerous than expected.
  • Comments: One of the more recent stories, completed and published in 2006. It is told entirely from Gadget's point of view and written in first person.

Shipping Fics

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.