Chuckie Egg

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Chuckie Egg is a classic Platform Game written by Nigel Alderton, simultaneously released on the ZX Spectrum and BBC Micro (the two versions having somewhat different Jump Physics). In the style of the older platformers such as Donkey Kong (which the author acknowledges as an inspiration, along with Space Panic) there is no scrolling; the action takes place on one screen, which is replaced by another once its objective is completed, and so on and so on.

Your task on each screen is to collect twelve eggs, avoiding blue ostriches, which move on the platforms and ladders in predictable patterns, and the Mother Duck, which flies towards you in front of the platforms. Birdseed can be collected to pause the level timer for a while, unless the ostriches eat it first.

And... that's about it. For such a simple game it's amazingly addictive, perhaps because of its virtually flawless difficulty curve. Most players find, as they get better at the game, that they can steadily get just a little further each time, while the earlier levels gradually become easy enough to get through without losing any lives. This allows you to build up a big reserve of lives midway through the game, and you'll need them.

Chuckie Egg 2: Choccy Egg was released two years later (without Alderton's involvement; in fact, he disliked the game) and involves Harry exploring a factory to find the necessary ingredients to make chocolate eggs.

Tropes used in Chuckie Egg include: