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General Fics

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

Courage And The Hendersons by Jonathan R

  • Recommended by Couragefan09
  • Synopsis: A town's dark past. An ancient silver dollar. A traveling family caught in the middle.
  • Comments: Often considered one of the best Courage fan fiction ever written, it's a fun story that could easily pass off as an actual episode from the show. It brings things up to a more epic scale and even the new characters fit right in with the canon ones.

How It All Came To Be by Iris Amelia

  • Recommended by Couragefan09
  • Synopsis: A short story showing when Courage was first adopted by Muriel.
  • Comments: Among one of the first Courage fan fics ever written, it's a very cute short story.

Courage And The Circle Of Children by owlwatcher-974

  • Recommended by Couragefan09
  • Synopsis: Could the mysterious necklace that Courage finds buried in his yard have any connection to the ghostly children that have been haunting the people of Nowhere?
  • Comments: The first story of a four part series. It's very well written and highly underrated. While this story mostly establishes things to come later in the series it only gets better as it goes along.

Courage And The Writing On The Stones by owlwatcher-974

  • Recommended by Couragefan09
  • Synopsis: A mysterious electrical storm is causing fires and wreaking havoc all over Nowhere. Angry ghosts are haunting Courage's house. Courage decides call upon some ghostly friends for help. Can they figure out what is going on before it's too late?
  • Comments: The second story in the 'Circle Of Children' series.

Courage And The Poisoned Apples by owlwatcher-974

  • Recommended by Couragefan09
  • Synopsis: Courage finds a gold coin in the park. Muriel and Eustace fall for the 'old poisoned apple trick'. Katz and Ma Bagge are up to something...
  • Comments: The third story in the 'Circle Of Children' series.

The Return Of The Hendersons: Operation Nowhere by Jonathan R

  • Recommended by Couragefan09
  • Synopsis: The Hendersons return to Nowhere and chaos erupts!
  • Comments: The sequel to Courage And The Hendersons.

Courage And The Demons by owlwatcher-974

  • Recommended by Couragefan09
  • Synopsis: Courage, Muriel, and Eustace are being terrorized by something so evil that it threatenes to destroy everyone and everyting in the town of Nowhere. Nobody is safe...not even Courage's ghostly friends.
  • Comments: The fourth story in the 'Circle Of Children' series. Unfortunately it hasn't been completed and doesn't look like it will be updated again....

Bloody Courage by Zack Gregson

  • Recommended by Couragefan09
  • Synopsis: A story series begins of the courageous yet cowardly conflicted canine, as he begins a road of many obstacles, from insanity to invasions.
  • Comments: One of the few Courage Dark Fics out there and very well written too. The chapters are split up as their owns stories so you will have to look at the author's profile to read the rest.
  • Tags: Dark Fic

Courage In Vegas by Jonathan R

  • Recommended by Couragefan09
  • Synopsis: Demonic battles, love, hate, and Courage all come together within the City of Sin.
  • Comments: The final story of the Courage And The Hendersons trilogy.

All Thing End by Couragefan09

  • Recommended by Rexco
  • Synopsis: Courage has fallen ill, and turns to the only one he knows for help. Can they make it in time?
  • Comments: A sweet Courage/Computer bromance fic about friendship, hardship, and trust.