Cowboy Bebop/Tear Jerker

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  • At least one of the episodes "Jupiter Jazz", "Speak Like A Child" "Hard Luck Woman", or "The Real Folk Blues" (and by extension the numbers "Space Lion" and "Blue") will make you cry. No exceptions.
    • Specifically in "Speak Like A Child".... "I can't remember".
  • When Spike dies...This troper was not expecting that. This troper was watching it while her father was outside mowing the lawn. He came in and was positive someone in real life was dead, she was shaking and bawling so hard from the shock!
    • "You're gonna carry that weight..."
      • Oh god yes. The last shot of Spike's face, then those words are so powerfull.
        • That's only if you BELIEVE he does.
        • Hell, it's a gutwrencher even if he ends up perfectly fine.
  • When Julia is shot and killed. A part of me saw it coming with how she awkwardly got up, but it was still so sudden, then the silence, the birds, the white. What really started the tears flowing though was Spike's face. 26 episodes we watched Spike do it all with this calm and way to cool look on his face. The look of utter shock just made this troper break down.
  • On "Pierrot le Fou" on Youtube almost every single comment lampshades the trope: they're all about how horribly sad the ending was and how NO viewer could stop the tears when Pierrot, in his Villainous Breakdown, screams and cries like a little kid upon being wounded by Spike.
  • Or the closing moments of "Waltz for Venus."
  • The ending of "Hard Luck Woman" deserves special mention: after spending the entire series with no memory and only a few teasing hints about her past, Faye finally remembers who she is and where she came from. As she's preparing to leave the Bebop - smiling and genuinely happy - tells Ed that having a place to belong is the best thing there is. When she gets to her old home, she finds it abandoned and destroyed, with only the foundation remaining. As "Call Me Call Me" plays, we see Faye using a stick to draw the outlines of where the furniture used to be in her old room, and then lie down on the spot where her bed used to stand, staring up at the sky.
    • It's somehow made worse by the shot of Spike and Jet in the ending montage of 'Hard Luck Woman', after Ed and Faye leave. Having set out dishes of hard-boiled eggs for dinner, Jet and Spike sit in total silence, cramming the eggs into their faces. When they finish their own bowls, they start in on Faye's and Ed's, which doesn't seem very sad -- until you realize that they're avoiding talking about their friends' departures.
      • Just the quickness of Ed and Ein's departure is what got to this troper. She doesn't stick around to say goodbye, she doesn't make a big show of it; she just draws her enormous signature smiley face on the deck of the Bebop and takes off. The scene with Jet and Spike surveying the picture and realizing what it means is enormously touching. Add to that the fact that Faye eventually comes back and Ed doesn't....
      • This video sums up some of the tearjerker moments quite well.
      • Here's the clip from the actual episode as well.
  • The ending of "Brain Scratch", already one of the darker episodes of the show, gets a bit depressing once you start realizing just who the 'villain' was and what motivated him, despite what he did to all those people. And then there's the background song used repeatedly through the episode, "Hanashi", that we finally get to hear all through at the end of the episode when Jet pulls his plug and isolates him from the rest of the world. The angelic choir ending really punches it in.
  • Can't believe no one's mentioned "Sympathy for the Devil" yet. Sure Wen would take catatonic men to use as a parent and seemed to kill without hesitation, but consider that he has been alive for nearly a century tapped in a child's body, immortal and seemingly unkillable. The tear jerker comes from when we see how it happened, with Wen surviving the moon/gateway explosion and having been shielded from the blast by the (now charred) bodies of his parents. When we see the look on his face its pretty obvious that mentally he is no longer a child anymore.