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  • Loki gets this treatment in all of his stories as he's the ultimate scapegoat. He's basically a battered, neglected child whose father was killed in front of him (never mind he set his father up to die) and ended up adopted by his enemies. As a result, he's fearful of authority figures and can't completely accept his new adopted family's love. To make matters worse, he's subtly rejected by Asgard society due to being an effeminate, magic user in a burly warrior culture. This eventually turns him evil. To rub it in even more, he always has a a moment of repentance at the apex of his latest scheme to usurp Asgard, pulling a Heel Face Turn...right before Thor kills him.
    • This is highly debatable. At least part of this entry is taken from a story set in an alternate reality told from Loki's viewpoint. At times it is difficult if not impossible to tell which of his claims of abuse are true and which are delusions of his own twisted by produced by hatred. In the main comics his father abused him horrible until being killed. Odin adopted him as his own and treated him well. Thor, Loki's stepbrother, was a good brother and by all accounts always treated him right. Thor was favored due to being the Asgardian ideal and Loki was looked down upon some by the other Asgardians for sorcery, but Loki was still overall treated well. Most of his issues are a result of his own twisted mind. To try and upstage Thor he often caused trouble causing those who gave him a chance to hate him and Odin to punish him. He interpreted these actions as against him even though he had earned them. He interpenetrated Thor's protection as the latter lording his superiority over him. He claims he wants respect, but whenever he is given a chance to earn it he abuses the power he is given and acts like a Jerkass. Time and again he has been forgiven only to constantly betray the Asgardians out of his own lust for power. Whenever disaster strikes Loki is the first one everyone suspects for good reason.