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"You'd think a house full of crazy people'd be fun. Actually, it's really depressing."
Bart Simpson, The Simpsons
"Deconstruction" is an academic word. It means saying what everybody knows about the movies in words nobody can understand.
Roger Ebert, reviewing Scream
"Sometimes, it's fruitful to take a step back and examine the things we've come to accept, like saying the word 'Scunthorpe' over and over again until it's reduced to nothing but meaningless syllables and a spicy hidden cuss."
"Yeah, there’s a universe where your favorite childhood television show is completely and utterly real. There are also plenty of universes that will take that, rape it, and run it through a meat grinder."

"[...] I'm actually completely okay with considering [Samurai Flamenco as] a deconstruction of the hero genre because it is a show that seeks out to take the tropes [around the genre], examine them, comment on them and subvert their intentions. That's what a deconstruction is to me. It's when you take the genre and your show is about commenting on the nature of the genre. You're taking it apart, seeing what it does, sort-of analyzing it.