Den-noh Coil/Quotes

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Episode opening quotes, Ureshii translation. WARNING! There are unmarked Spoilers ahead. Beware.

  1. "According to rumors among the other kids, many cases of pets going missing have been occurring in Daikoku City recently."
  2. "According to urban legend, kids who call out to Miss Michiko are sent to the "other side"."
  3. "According to rumors in the industry, there are some hidden functions in the glasses that are better left unmentioned."
  4. "According to rumors on the Net, a few years ago an Encoder tried to devastate the Space. But nobody knows what happened to this Encoder."
  5. "According to rumors on the Net, it's said that you can sometimes find data such as sounds or images inside metabugs. But nobody really knows where they come from."
  6. "According to the newspapers, there's an increasing rate of car accidents involving kids wearing glasses."
  7. "According to rumors circulating among some people, if you think constantly about a person you want to meet, you'll suddenly end up seeing them."
  8. "According to urban legends, kids that have fallen asleep with their cyberglasses on have ended up going to the "other side"."
  9. "According to rumors told by kids, Miss Michiko's true identity is whispered to be that of an illegal."
  10. "According to rumors on the Net, long before glasses ever hit the market, Nakatsu Crossroads was a mysterious place - the site of many accidents."
  11. "According to certain statistics, if a sixth grade male and female fight, the female has a higher probability of winning."
  12. "According to rumors amongst Bearded Ones, when it's 5550 minutes, Lady Yasako will take them to the promised land."
  13. "According to an old folk saying, normally, people are supposed to know what path they should pursue. But despite this, they tend to lose sight of the most important path."
  14. "According to rumors from the industry, the reason the Micet series was taken off the market was because it facilitated breaches of privacy such as covert photography and eavesdropping."
  15. "According to rumors among the kids from the other side of the station, in the deepest part of obsolete Space lives a dangerous Illegal."
  16. "According to industry rumors, the first company that produced the glasses discovered a technique that allowed you to change things you imagined into cybersubstances. But nobody really knows how it ended up."
  17. "What happens to people when they die? Where do their souls go? Nobody knows the truth."
  18. "According to rumors on the net, the process of creating and developing the glasses encompasses a complex history with many interesting points."
  19. "According to rumors among informed people, there is a deep connection between Imago and Cybercures."
  20. "According to my old memories, the body I was given was an empty shell, without life."
  21. "According to the history of glasses development, in the past they researched many techniques for projection."
  22. "According to industry rumors, Megamass wasn't able to remove the Imago function, so they reformatted the Space instead."
  23. "According to the Nulls, by eating the seed of pain, they became creatures whose goal is pain itself."
  24. "According to Yuko Amasawa, the path of feelings that connects people is thin and breaks easily."
  25. "According to the Coil data, in the beginning, the Null Carrier was a radar device that collected pieces of souls."
  26. "According to urban legends, after they die, cyberpets go live somewhere else."