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  • Dennou Coil seemed so reasonable for most of the series. Then it turned out that the two Yukos had an Internet baby together when they were kids. Oh, and they're implied to kiss at the end, which has absolutely no effect on the process of setting Yasako up with Haraken. Appropriately enough for a show about computers, this troper's brain crashed.
    • Actually the Internet baby thing was more of a ridiculous literary choice than an actual event - nevertheless, nobody would believe that everything really boiled down to a little kid jealous of a girl who kissed her brother.
      • Yeah, well, what with the brain crash and all, it was kind of hard to analyze it.
    • The "child" Yasako and Isako had together is merely a matter of speech. It simply means that they both were involved in creating Michiko. And where did you see a kiss? The girls were merely rubbing their foreheads together. I wouldn't have minded a Romantic Two-Girl Friendship between them, considering the length Yasako went to save Isako. It would have made more sense than Yasako's tacked-on crush on bland and boring Haraken.
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