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The creation of the Digimon Savers anime meant a rebirth of the franchise, and that included the release of a new game, Digimon World Data Squad (Digimon Savers:Another mission in japan). A turn based 3D RPG, you play as the main character from data squad, Marcus, but can also control other digimon.

The story adapts one possible arc from the anime. The main opponents are the seven demon lords and it's up to the player to find out how they are being reborn as well as to prevent them from reaching their goal. As you investigate, you will also be required to battle frequently, and find out the bonus bosses. (Most notably, Moon=Millenniummon)

The gameplay is turn based, and a digimon has several actions to chose from attack to support to using items. The battle itself, however, is incredibly slow because each action takes at least 5 seconds to start besides it's execution time. Additionally there is also a raising component to the game which determines what digimon it will evolve into, which works as a very simplified mechanic from the original Digimon World.

On the other hand, sound and graphics are only average; the main novelty is the introduction of cel-shading which does give that anime feel, as well as a fully controlable camera. The scenery is very bland, even though the digimon models are fairly accurate. Dialogs were recorded for key actions (like attacks) of some important characters.

To date this is the last main console game, and overall, this game wasn't well received; it got bad reviews and sales were not significant.

Tropes used in Digimon World Data Squad include:

  • Cel Shading: The first Digimon game that employs this technique, actually.