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This is a maintenance category for pages with zero or one categories, not including:

  • the "trope", "work", or "creator" category;
  • the category that is the same name as the page; or
  • "Stubs".

Please help by adding them to appropriate indices.

Suggested categories to add to these pages:

  • If the page is for a creator, add the type(s) of creator the person is: artist, author, musician, etc. Do not add the categories of the media that the creator works in (for example, do not add both "author" and "literature", or both "musician" and "music") - people are not works.
  • If the page is for a work, add the medium (Literature, Anime, Web Original, etc.) and the decade(s) the work was created.
  • If the page is for a subtrope, add the supertrope.

If the page is for a work of literature, adding and filling out the "infobox book" template will add two categories to the page, and thus allow removing this category from the page.

This category is linked from the Community Portal. Please do not delete it even if it is empty.

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