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    • The scene in the war room:

    Why are our people going out there? said Mr Boggis of the Thieves' Guild.
    Because they are showing a brisk pioneering spirit and seeking wealth and... additional wealth in a new land, said Lord Vetinari.
    What's in it for the Klatchians? said Lord Downey.
    Oh, they've gone out there because they are a bunch of unprincipled opportunists always ready to grab something for nothing, said Lord Vetinari.
    A masterly summation, if I may say so, my lord, said Mr Burleigh, who felt he had some ground to make up.
    The Patrician looked down again at his notes.
    Oh, I do beg your pardon, he said, I seem to have read those last two sentences in the wrong order...

    • Lord Vetinari, dictator of Ankh-Morpork, juggling and shilling a game of guess-which-cup-the-egg-is-under. Later revealing that he actually never learned to juggle, and he always knows where the chicken is.
    • The few times that Vetinari is ever caught off-guard.
    • Any time that Vetinari finds something amusing is also usually pretty epic.
    • Leonard of Quirm offhandedly makes a comment quite pertinent to the story, and Vetinari makes it halfway back through his elaborate trap system after leaving the room before it registers. He then comes back as quickly as possible, straightens himself out, comes in, sits calmly down and says, "You did WHAT?!"
    • Nobby's crossdressing act, when the narrator points out the complete and utter aversion of the Attractive Bent Gender trope, because this is Nobby Nobbs we're talking about, and it gets even better when Nobby turns into an exaggerated caricature off a Straw Feminist and has to be constantly reminded that he is not, in fact, a woman.

    Corporal Nobbs's appearance could best be summarized this way.
    One of the minor laws of the narrative universe is that any homely featured man who has, for some reason, to disguise himself as a woman will apparently become attractive to some otherwise perfectly sane men with, as the ancient scrolls say, hilarious results.
    In this case the laws were fighting against the fact of Corporal Nobby Nobbs, and gave up.

      • For added hilarity, Nobby soon realised that he could utilize his newly obtained feminine wiles to obtain food and a fully functioning flying carpet from the enemy force—i.e. he told the Klatchian quarter master that he would take off his clothes and scream, unless given food.
    • Lord Vetinari, under arrest for treason, asks if it's possible to be dragged through the streets in chains on a hurdle. Nobby reports from the sports shop that they don't have hurdles but they do have a small trampoline. Lord Vetinari bouncing up and down maintaining a perfectly deadpan expression...
      • Also, the rather offhand comment that maybe they should get some manacles, in case this happens again.
    • The minaret:

    Can you think of any reason why I should be carrying an inflatable donkey?
    Well, you-
    One that you wouldn't mind giving to your dear mother?