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"...Seven eh em...Organize Defenders at River Gate...Seven twenty-five...Hand-to-Hand Fighting in Peach Pie Street...Seven forty-eight eight eight...Rally Survivors in Sator Square...Things To Do Today: Build Build Build Barricades...bingeley...Eight oh two eh em, Death of Corporal Littlebottombottom...Eight oh three eh em...Death of Sergeant Detritus...Eight oh threethreethree eh em and seven seconds seconds...Death of Constable Visit...Eight oh three eh em and nineninenine seconds...Death of death of death of...Death of Constable Dorfl...Eight oh three eh em and fourteenteenteen seconds...Death of Captain Carrot Ironfoundersson...beep...beep...Things To Do Today: Die..."

    • Fridge Horror: The 'other' Vimes would presumably have picked up our Vimes' Dis-Organiser, meaning that as everything was going to hell around him he was hearing about this other universe where it had all worked out fine... though admittedly, things like "get captured by desert bandits" probably confused him too.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: A similar dispute between India and Bangladesh over New Moore / South Talpatti Island was resolved in March 2010, when the sea rose and covered it.
  • Positive Discrimination: Played straight and subverted - The Morporkian high command is comprised entirely of Upper Class Twits, while Prince Cadram is entirely competent. His brother, Prince Khufurah, on the other hand, is a street-wise but rather incompetent buffoon.
  • The Woobie: Poor Captain Jenkins, whose ship Vimes commandeers and then proceeds to basically smash to smithereens, on account of the fact that Vimes knows absolutely nothing about sailing. Jenkins was planning on selling weapons to the Klatchians, but still...