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  • Granny Weatherwax can Borrow and control a BEEHIVE! Mind you, she does crave a lot of sweets afterwards.
  • Lancre as a whole gets one when it shoots down Diamanda's claims to be a better witch than Granny: She'd challenged Granny to a staring contest. Against the sun. Midway through, one of Nanny Ogg's grandkids wanders in between them and starts crying, and Granny breaks off to check on him. The young witches say that Diamanda clearly won, because Granny looked away. Nanny Ogg and the rest of the town set them straight:

Nanny Ogg: This is not a contest about power, you stupid girls, it is a contest about witchcraft. Do you even begin to know what being a witch IS?
Diamanda: [incredulously] Is a witch someone who would look round when she heard a child scream?
The Entire Town: YES!

  • Nanny Ogg has a few outstanding moments as a Magnificent Bitch. What makes her truly talented is her ability to hide that status, even from Granny Weatherwax, and only using it when she has to. It's been implied that she's at least as powerful as Granny, but less driven.
    • Notably in Lords and Ladies where she successfully blackmails a god into taking action.
    • It's been stated at least once that the fact that Nanny can turn it off and just be a disgusting old baggage who doesn't raise any kind of suspicion (except of being drunk, perhaps) is the very factor that makes her more powerful than Granny. Think about that for a bit.
  • From when Magrat dons the fearsomely bosomy armor of the entirely fictional Queen Ynci to when she confronts the Queen of the Fairies to get her husband back. As noted by one character: "Magrat always was the nice soft one... ...who'd just fired a crossbow through a keyhole." When someone was looking through it.
    • Important to note that Magrat was convinced she was channeling the spirit of Queen Ynci... but it was all her.
    • "And the ablation of Magrat Garlick roared on, tearing at the strata of her soul... ... exposing the core.
  • From the same page, nearly: A Crowning Moment of Awesome for a cat, in seven words.

Greebo went off like a Claymore mine.

    • And that wasn't the most powerful creature he killed in the series.
  • Only one queen in a hive!
  • Lady Jane - KILL!
  • The Librarian's approach to a cruel practical joke is quite mature.
    • The librarian gets a few in this book, although usually because he's A. incredibly strong and B. immune to the elves' mind-control arrows.
  • Magrat. Especially the cut to her right after Granny mentions how she'd love the elves.
  • The Morris Dancers.
  • Granny Weatherwax utterly shredding the Elf Queen in a "The Reason You Suck" Speech. The queen is pretty much left looking quite pathetic when she tries to make threats.

What don't die can't live. What don't live can't change. What don't change can't learn. The smallest creature that dies in the grass knows more than you.

  • Ridcully gets one when the carriage he and the other members of the UU staff accompanying him gets pulled over by bandits:

(Ridcully points his staff at the bandit leader)
Bandit Leader: Nice try but Wizards can't use their magic on civillans unless it's a life or death situ...
(Ridcully fires a burst of light from his staff and turns the bandit into a pumpkin)
Ridcully:It's more of a guideline really.

    • He then procedes to intimidate the rest of the bandits into giving the wizards all of the gold on their person and four horses while the coach driver sits there dumbfounded.
  • Granny saving Diamanda from her own stupid mistake and bodily hauling her back to Lancre while being shot at by elves.