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  • Tiffany dealing with an amorous and obsessive Wintersmith.
    • She didn't just deal with the Wintersmith: she taught him in one stroke what it is to be human, and while he was distracted, redirected the heat of the sun to melt him and his entire palace.
  • Granny Weatherwax using reverse-headology to convince the other witches to give Mrs. Earwig's star pupil Miss Treason's old cottage. Annagramma, of course, screws up big time, discrediting Mrs. Earwig. Tiffany, angry at Granny using Annagramma as a dupe in her game, organizes the other apprentice witches into getting Annagramma back onto her feet. So Annagramma's doing well, but all the witches know that Granny's favorite witch-in-training had to come to her rescue, so Mrs. Earwig's still discredited.
  • Annagramma later gets one of her own, scaring the trousers off a group of villagers by bursting onto the scene like a mad old crone out of hell (special effects courtesy of Boffo's Novelty & Joke Shop, No. 4, Tenth Egg Street, Ankh-Morpork, "If It's A Laugh...It's A Boffo!!!"), and blasting the Wintersmith (who's in a fake human body, threatening Tiffany) with a fireball.
  • In this corner, Nanny Ogg's Badass Loveable Sex Maniac cat, Greebo. In this corner, Granny Weatherwax's puny little kitten, You. Poor Greebo.
    • Yeah, the only other animal that's even slowed Greebo down before now was Mrs. Gogol's cockerel Legba.
  • The Feegles convince The Ferry Man to cross back without the extra payment he demanded. How? By threatening to stay.
  • Roland's sword.
    • Stop stealing the funeral meat, you wee scuggans!