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Italy: Brother, what is this "intercourse?"
France: Hahaha, Italy, you don't know? It's something you do with someone you like! ...So, Italy...do you like me?

The ethics of Anime-land are fluid and lackadaisical, and nowhere is this more evident than in the case of the Lovable Sex Maniac. This form of Casanova goes above and beyond the average sleaze, engaging in the full spectrum of perversion - from dabbling in pornography to blatant sexual advances to outright molestation, sometimes of severely underaged characters. In the real world, of course, (even real-world Japan) such behavior will land you in hot water - but in anime, the worst you'll get is a whack from a Hyperspace Mallet. The only thing that keeps the Lovable Sex Maniac from being a truly disturbing Anti-Hero is that his antics are always played for laughs—and the odd thing is, it usually works.

A Hard-Drinking Party Girl can double as the Lovable Sex Maniac with, interestingly, very little change just because she's female, especially if the lack of men forces her to chase after women. Compare the Chivalrous Pervert. Contrast Handsome Lech.

If they would have sex with anything, rather than obsess about sex at any time, see Extreme Omnisexual.

Examples of Lovable Sex Maniac include:

Anime and Manga

  • Kakashi Hatake of Naruto takes the intentional handicap to its extreme by engaging in hand-to-hand combat while reading Make-out Paradise. While this particular series seems to be little more than trashy romance novels, Fanfic authors take the same glee in writing lurid "excerpts" from the books that professional writers seem to take in coming up with fictitious porn titles.
    • Also, Kakashi Hatake has one of the more perverted jutsus, the 1000 Years of Death, which is just a very hard ass poke. It's basically a Martial Arts and Crafts version of kancho, a traditional Japanese prank.
    • Come to think of it, most of the really powerful characters in Naruto are to some degree Lovable Sex Maniacs—in fact, Jiraiya, the author of Kakashi's favorite porn, is one of the most powerful Ninja in the world. And let's not forget the title character is known for a Gender Bender jutsu with (literal) Vapor Wear, and actually manages to use it as an effective combat tactic sometimes.
    • Killer Bee appeared to be this when he freaked out over Tsunade's breast size. At the time it could have just been that he was really surprised by them (after all, those things are huge). Later, when fighting his former colleague Yugito, who at this point is a Demon possessing ninja zombie, he takes the time and effort to look down her exposed chest when an attack opens up her shirt.
  • Allielle from El-Hazard: The Magnificent World is Princess Fatora's nymphomaniacal lesbian lover, and while Fatora is missing she manages to hit on almost every other female character in the series. So great is her love of women that when male Makoto disguises himself as Fatora it turns her on almost instantly.
    • Princess Fatora is also a nymphomaniacal lesbian.
  • Ryo in City Hunter.
  • Lupin from Lupin III, although his line with the ladies is more akin to a hit-or-miss James Bond; he also generally confines his amorous attentions to his female partner in crime, Fujiko.
    • That's in the anime. In the original Monkey Punch manga, he has a very active sex life with Fujiko and every other woman he wants to bed, regardless of how willing said women happen to be.
  • Brock from Pokémon is a G-rated version of this trope, who falls in love with every girl he meets (including every Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny) and has to be pulled away by Misty or Max, usually by dragging him by his ear, or his Bonsly would tackle him to the sky with this painful move. In the Diamond and Pearl series, his Croagunk uses Poison Jab on him when he does this. He seems to be aware of this, to the point where the one time he didn't fall for a Nurse Joy, he mused something was wrong; said Nurse Joy was actually Jessie of Team Rocket in disguise. Interestingly, the one time he did try to settle down with a single woman (a Pokemon professor in the Orange Islands), the result was a mysterious, deeply-scarring incident that he refuses to tell anyone about and drove him into a depressive slump whenever someone mentioned it. He seems to have gotten over it since, but the exact details are still unknown.
    • It's hereditary, Brock gets it from his father. Who, for only appearing about three times, also shows this, despite already being married.
    • And now Alder, the Unova Champion.
  • Tadao Yokoshima, from Ghost Sweeper Mikami, is the lovable sex maniac male lead - who dares to climb up to the fifth floor to be a Peeping Tom, went through a well pre-planned route to furtively watch naked women in order to power up to win the tournament, and skirt-chased almost any female (human, non-human alike) when he had a chance.
  • Ban Mido of GetBackers crosses this line often, though it's mostly an excuse to include lots of Fan Service, usually in the form of large panels depicting HEVN's physics-defying breasts.
  • Subversion: Kei Kurono of Gantz is about as Unlovable a Sex Maniac as one can get short of casting a verifiable rapist as the protagonist. He's a selfish, amoral jerk, but fortunately one who is forced to experience real loss and takes a level in Badass as a response.
    • Though Kei looks like a saint compared to Kuwabara Kazuo, an Osaka Gantz member who is so sexually obsessed and crazed he will rape female looking aliens "because that's not against the law". When confronted with the freakish alien boss whose morphing abilities eventually cause it to turn into a giant naked green-skinned alien space woman made of nude (alien) women, his solution upon being grabbed by it is to... yeeeah.
  • Master Roshi from Dragon Ball was certainly a pervert. Constantly commenting on women, asking them for a look at their panties in exchange for a Dragonball or something. He once was nearly defeated after someone threw a pair of panties on the ground near him, making him dive for them and forget all about the battle he was in. Perverted personality notwithstanding, he is a genuinely kind grandfather figure who looks out and cares for the young Z-Warriors like his own grandchildren. Old Kaioshin near the end of the series is a would-be sex maniac except he never actually gets to grope any girls.
    • Oolong likes to give as well as take, though. The less said about his Puff-Puff scene with Muten Roshi, the better.
      • On the topic of Master Roshi, lest we forget the episode where he receives a female visitor so he encourages her to drink copious amounts of water so he could shrink down to size and spy on her while she urinates in the bathroom.
  • Sanji from One Piece. He will do just about anything for any woman and cannot bring himself to even hit one, even if his opponent is really a male shapeshifter masquerading as a girl and he knows as much. He will, however, take any chance he gets to ogle a woman, to the point that he used to dream about eating the Suke-Suke Devil Fruit, which would grant him Invisibility and make it possible for him to peep on naked women.
    • Also deserving of a mention is Brooke, who, upon being introduced to a woman, will ask to see her panties. Remarkably, he seems to drop the issue immediately after being denied, and has so far never brought it up twice with the same girl.
      • Not to mention Brooke makes these requests in such a gentlemanly fashion.
      • He did ask Nami a second time...although instead of asking to see them, he simply asked what sort she was wearing that day. Also, Brooke made a point of being several hundred meters underwater in a submarine before asking. In a remarkable display of self-control, he managed to not ask hot pirate lady Shakky at all in the original manga.
      • It's also rendered horribly sad by the implication that his behavior is mostly due to the years of isolation atrophying his sanity/social skills/self-control. (Although he seems to be steadily improving.)
  • Ral from Blue Dragon: Ral Grad. Having grown up to the age of 15 without any sort of human contact, he becomes enamored with the very concept of "boobs" the instant he sees Mio (his female instructor for those 15 years). He then swears to protect the world exclusively for the benefit of women, on the off-chance they'd let him grope their boobs. Or, as he puts it, "tit for tat". The other characters only put up with this because he's a brilliant strategist, a formidable fighter, and is actually a good and kindhearted person (and he has the most powerful Shadow in the kingdom, natch).
  • Albireo Imma of Mahou Sensei Negima practically embodies this trope. Always ready with a plaster smile and eyes closed to hide his true intentions, he's hard not to love him for being able to spout an irritatingly bad joke even while being strangled. And like the trope dictates, he's not shy about outright lechery. It's best to assume that he's being perverted when his face is obscured via his hood (the smile is only for when he's trying to appear innocent).

Albireo: Don't worry, I'm not planning anything devious.
Kaede: Can I trust you on that?
Albireo: (smiles) I swear to god on my name
Kaede: That's a pretty difficult-to-trust smile de gozaru~
Albireo: I get told that a lot...

    • More recently is another member of the Ala Rubra, Jack Rakan, said to know no bounds with women, even going so far as to remove one of the enemies' underwear during battle. He did it so fast that she never noticed till he showed her. She was reasonably horrified.
      • The only reason he didn't do it to both enemies is because one of them was Going Commando. He also won the battle by constantly flipping their skirts up until they surrendered. Yeah.
      • He's now taken it to the absolute extreme, making the first thing he does when fighting all of Fate's minstra magi is stealing their panties...then again focus on flipping their skirts. Defeat by Modesty didn't work this time, and he actually had to fight them, which has already been show to be not a good idea.
      • He is also shown escaping from a prison-dimension through sheer pervertedness, starting by stealing one of the opponents' panties and calculating their position by sniffing them.
    • Are we forgetting about "Chichigami"? Paio II? Chapter 235? Who's actually a loli?
    • What about Chamo? His introduction involves sneaking into a swimming pool with the 3-A girls and pulling their bathing suits off. And pretty much getting away with it, because he's an ermine. (At least until Asuna shows up.)
      • Chamo has also stolen underwear from Asuna (which might not have been missed if they hadn't been thermals) and apparently got in trouble for the same thing in Wales.
      • And he is shown calculating the exact angle and distance to an enemy from the smell of her panties, even more exactly than even Jack Rakan could
  • Kaoru from Zettai Karen Children. Note that Kaoru is a 10-year old girl...
    • At first this is limited to large-breasted women, but once Kaoru grows older she also shows interest in her classmates, to the point where everyone calls her a dirty old man.
  • Tina Foster from Ai Yori Aoshi. With the sole exception of Mayu, she's "playfully" groped every member of the cast... including Kaoru.
  • Kintaro Oe, from Golden Boy. Sex maniac? Oh yes. Lovable? In spades. Everyone who meets him, even those who know he's an incorrigible pervert, either love him or think of him as a true hero. But then, he's also amazingly kind, noble, and will work himself to the bone helping anyone who needs it.
  • Miroku from Inuyasha regularly asks women to bear his children, as well as constantly groping Sango any reasonably attractive woman within reach.
  • Urusei Yatsura, an earlier work by the same author, has two of these. Shuutaro Mendo is one of these, as well as a Lord Error-Prone Spoiled Brat - however, his suave, debonair nature makes him the most successful, arguably bumping him into Handsome Lech territory. And then there's male protagonist Ataru Moroboshi, who is such a flirt that he can become a Determinator if there's a pretty girl involved, and who wants nothing to do with his unintentionally gained fiancee, the beautiful alien princess Lum. However, he's quite heroic and generally likeable compared to his spiritual successor...
  • Happosai from Ranma ½. Functionally, Happosai is more of a Fair Weather Mentor version of the Old Master, spliced with the Dirty Old Man, but the way his perversions are treated in the series qualifies him for this. While he does often get treated as the villain, that's more because of his habit of A: throwing temper tantrums to try and break Ranma to his will, and B: stirring up trouble that Ranma and company have to solve than because of his lechery. Not only is he focused on groping and voyeurism, but he's also a Panty Thief - in fact, he's literally addicted to being a pervert, and goes into actual withdrawal symptoms if he doesn't get to sate his desires often enough.
  • Bleach: It seems like everyone associated with Urahara Shop or the Vizards fits this trope. Urahara and Yoruichi both have a tendency to behave rather, er, shamelessly, especially around minors. All I can say is: Renji had better be careful about knocking before entering while staying with them. And don't get me started on the time Ichigo woke up in bed with Tessai. Ururu and Jinta have yet to present, but give them time and I'm sure they'll blossom. Also, Shinji claims practically every girl he meets as his "first love" (watch him introduce himself to Orihime), Lisa openly reads pornographic manga, and Mashiro has been known to randomly grope herself.
    • Urahara and Yoruichi are shameless, sure, but they have nothing on Chizuru's pure lechery.
    • Also, Kon. He finds benefits in being a plushie... sometimes. Justified(?) in that he was stuck in a pill with the fear of death for who-knows-how-long, only managing to survive by a fluke and Rukia's good will. Which sort of explains (though does not justify) why he acts in such a way. If YOU where rescued from an And I Must Scream scenario, wouldn't YOU be a little grateful to whoever let you out? As for the sex-mania... he was in the pill for a LONG time.
  • Kurz Weber from Full Metal Panic!.
  • Grandpa Danbei from the new Cutey Honey animated series is a perfect example, taking any opportunity to get a look at the heroine in various states of undress. This isn't hard as every second fight scene and transformation leads to the heroine's clothes falling/blowing away.
  • Imadori Kyosuke from School Rumble.
  • The Elder from Chrono Crusade, who also happens to be a Dirty Old Man. He makes a game out of catching Rosette off guard and sneaking a peek under her skirt (the score at the beginning of the series is 10 wins, 4 losses) and then has the audacity to complain that her choice of underwear isn't sexy enough. He also sneaks into the women's dorm at the Order and steals their panties, and one time even sneaks into the women's bathroom to watch them shower. Did I mention he's a prominent member of a religious organization and all of these women are nuns?
    • No idea why, whether it's the irony factor or what, but Japan likes to target clergy (originally Buddhist, but now any kind) for this type of gags. See also: Miroku.
  • Nene from Hyakko is as a female version. No girl around her is safe from her ogling eyes and she has no qualms asking a cute girl out on the spot. She doesn't do it quite as much to guys, even though she claims to be bisexual.
  • France from Axis Powers Hetalia. He goes around groping various countries regardless of gender and frankly shouldn't be trusted around children. Then, there's the Christmas Episode.
  • Kanokon has Chizuru, a va-va-voom high school girl who is interested in Kouta, the most timid, girl-like boy in recent anime history. Assertive and sex crazed, Chizuru comes across as being stupidly over the top for a high school girl until you discover she's really a 400 year old Kitsune. And then you meet her mother.
    • If you believe Chizuru's Suspiciously Specific Denial that she is "a pure, young, and beautiful virgin", you'd be horny as all hell too after no sex for 350+ years.
  • In a weird variation, Side Burn of Transformers: Robots in Disguise spends much of his onscreen time chasing red sports cars, even though he presumably knows they're not sentient. The woman usually driving said car finds this seriously unnerving, and has more than once crashed as a result.
  • Onizuka in Great Teacher Onizuka is an interesting case of a loveable sex maniac who's also, by his own admission, a virgin. Apparently all that ogling and fantasizing leaves too little time for any actual sex.
    • He had a chance with one of the girls in his class during his training. After what she put him through, he didn't trust it, and when it was too late for him to act on it, she proves her willingness by showing him that shes not wearing panties. He promises to come back when he has a chance.
  • Two similar characters in this trope are Keita from Inukami! and Kakeru from Akikan. Both of them are absolutely shameless in their behavior, but they don't end up with much success either, often being struck with Amusing Injuries.
    • Note that in both cases their Magical Girlfriends are at least somewhat excepted from their antics. At least initially. Also, in Akikan, Yurika and Otoya also fits this profile.
  • Spirit Albarn of Soul Eater, shameless flirt and fan of all things female. Of course this has cost him his marriage and made his daughter rather frosty towards him. At least he tries to make up for it.
    • Liz and Tsubaki have been revealed to be Covert Perverts. More exactly... When the Spartoi group reaches the Lust part in the Book of Eibon, they all get gender flipped. Rules in the book say that the longer you stay genderflipped, the more perverted you are. Guess who were the last two to get back to their original genders?
      • Last three. Blair is the most perverted (you should realize this by the end of the first episode), and admits to still being male after the other two change back to normal. It's just that Blair has a cat form so its hard to tell exactly when/if she's changed back... it would make a nice Brick Joke if she's still transformed.
  • Ms. Yoshinoya in the Hidamari Sketch manga. She's able to suggest going nude at the drop of a hat, and commented that Yuno's small butt looks cute.
  • The title character of Iono the Fanatics, whose favorite pastime involves enthusiastically trying to make her large lesbian harem even larger.
  • Sei from Mariasama ga Miteru is clearly having the time of her life as the one fully outed lesbian at an all-girl institution, filled with lovely students.
    • As is Kanako from Maria Holic—or she would be, if she wasn't always being bullied by Mariya, and getting Nosebleeds so bad they put her in the hospital at the mere sight of panties or breasts.
  • Hayate Yagami of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, who the Sound Stages reveal to have a more perverted side that really likes breasts, even back when she was a 9-year old Ill Girl, much to the horror of Signum. Remember, it's not sexual harassment, it's fun skinship between girls.
  • Jouji "George" Koizumi from Paradise Kiss is a less comedic version, and his perversion is played mostly seriously. Right after his first kiss with Yukari in his car, he conversationally asks her where she prefers to be taken to lose her virginity (the options being a cemetery, a rooftop, and last his bed). He also makes constant comments about his friend Arashi's ass (he once nudges it with a pool cue), boasts about his proficiency with knots and offers to tie Arashi's girlfriend Miwako up in front of her boyfriend.
  • Yuria is the very definition. She can't help it though, she's just programmed that way.
  • Futaba Kun Change Futana is a Genderbending example. Whether male or female, she'll go after Anything That Moves. In one chapter, she goes up against a male example who always beats her to cute girls because she has to go off and change. And her room is covered floor-to-ceiling with pin-up posters.
  • Kazuharu Fukuyama from Girls Bravo definitely fits this trope. However, calling him a sex maniac is an understatement, as with all his molestations and harassments you have to wonder why he is not in prison.
  • Like everything else, deconstructed in Darker than Black. The second season has an Affably Evil Contractor named Genma who seems funny and sympathetic at first - but as things continue, the fact that he's actually really damn creepy becomes clearer and clearer.
  • Tomoki from Sora no Otoshimono - he decorated his entire house with his childhood friend's panties and turned himself into a girl in order to get into the girl's baths and grope them... among many other perversions. Yet, he is always forgiven and still has girls falling for him left, right and center.
  • Franz "Milch" Stresemann from Nodame Cantabile.
  • Teppa Aizen from Grenadier.
  • Oh, Itsuki Midoriba.
  • Maeda from Ai Kora, though there are hints his "parts love" isn't exactly sexual in nature...
  • Mitsuka-sensei of DearS.
  • Ma Kensei from Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple wants the world to be peaceful and Ero.
  • Fairy Tail has Makarov and Loki. And Erza has been implied to read dirty literature.
  • Jun of Hayate × Blade typically enters a scene by crawling out from under a table where she was looking up everyone's skirts.
    • In the same series, there's also Chiharu who acts as Hayate's kind, caring mother-figure, and also insists that she's going to be Hayate's bride some day.
    • For that matter, Hayate has elements of this, herself, and she and Jun get along very well, particularly in their shared appreciation of Hayate's sister-in-arms Ayana.
  • Mii from the Popotan anime with her massive (in either sense of the word) breast fixation.
  • Erika Karisawa from Durarara!! is a rare female example, especially in the light novels. Far from just being a simple Yaoi Fangirl, she regularly fantasizes about most of her guy friends having sex, writes them into erotic fanfiction, loudly reads out said erotic fanfiction in their presence, collects ecchi figurines of either gender, and occasionally greets barely-legal female friends by fondling their breasts and hips. (Poor Anri)
  • Shino, Aria and Yokoshima from Seitokai Yakuindomo are female examples. No wonder Takatoshi is always exasperated and ready to answer them when one of the three come with a pervert thought.
  • Panty of Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt. She's an angel (well, technically, anyway) with a major case of nymphomania who gets it on with any guy she finds cute. Though said nymphomania does catch up to her, and in the Wham! Episode she gets Brought Down to Normal.
  • Analyser from Uchuu Senkan Yamato is basically R2D2's embarrassing uncle.
  • NB from Tenchi Muyo! GXP.
  • Eri from Fujimura-kun Mates, another female example, simply loves to imagine herself in perverted situations with the titular character, and never hesitates to let him know. Doesn't make her any less cute.
  • Inu x Boku SS gives us Nobara Yukinokouji, who, in her first appearance, fondly tells Ririchiyo, unabashedly, that she'd like to be in a sexual relationship with her.
  • Rika of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, oh so very much. Offers herself to Kodaka shortly after they met—though to be fair, he did save her from a nasty chemistry accident—and flirts constantly with him and every other member of the Neighbors' Club thereafter.
  • Issei Hyoudou in Highschool Dx D is this seeing as he's lecherous towards women. Yet all of his harem are in love with him and are A-OK with him being as much perverted as possible. To a lesser extent, so are Matsuda and Motohama and Kiryuu Aika.
  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Keiichi's dramatic speech on how men are supposed to be perverts.

Comic Books

  • Weekly from Blacksad is the epitome of this trope. He's a complete and incorrigable perv but we love him because he's cute and he knows when to get serious.
  • I Luv Halloween: Take out lovable, and you got Mr Kitty, a young trick-or-treater dressed as a cat who loves to ogle at womens' cleavages. In the first volume, his head actually explodes when he witnesses a teenager flashing her bowling-ball sized breasts in anger.
  • Deacon from James Stokoe's Wonton Soup, he's a space trucker and relates many Noodle Incidents involve encounters with a myriad of different aliens.
  • Cherry Poptart from Cherry Comics, along with her mother Pepper, and all her girlfriends (to varying degrees).


  • Professor Plum in Clue puts the moves on every single woman in the movie except Mrs. Peacock and the singing telegram girl (and it turns out he already had an affair with the singing telegram girl before the movie began), gets very grabby with both Miss Scarlet and Mrs. White, doesn't even bother to hide the Male Gaze he gives Yvette, and immediately asks for the number of Miss Scarlet's brothel when she discloses its existence. Although part of his backstory involves having lost his medical license over a sex scandal, the whole thing is Played for Laughs and he never faces any harsher repercussions for his onscreen behavior then a few snarky comments from the objects of his attentions.


  • G-rated example: Bingo Little from Jeeves and Wooster is infatuated with every woman he meets and, having the attention span of a moth, forgets them as soon as the next skirt shows up (though eventually he settles down and gets married).
  • Bob the Skull from The Dresden Files, who mostly averts the creepiness involved with this trope by being, well, a skull.[1] Harry bribes/rewards him for acting as Mr. Exposition by buying him trashy pornographic romance novels. Something Bob is quite good at as he is a spirit of intellect.
  • Fitz Kreiner, from the Eighth Doctor Adventures, is a fairly mild form of this. He has a Girl of the Week in every other book, kissed a girl against her will and then set up a Did They or Didn't They? situation when she was unconscious in his bed (as a testament to the "lovable" part of the trope title, they become good friends), once ogled a thirteen-year-old girl (and mentally kicked himself for it), and has admitted to a couple of fetishes.
  • Prince Dharvish from The Fire's Stone. He's not just a lovable sex maniac, he's a lovable, alcoholic, flamboyantly bisexual sex maniac. Maintains a strict code of honor concerning consent and acceptable age, much to the relief of his celibate "treaty bride" and the disappointment of a too young servant.
  • Victor Mancini from Choke, though at times the lovable part comes into question. It's probably worth mentioning that he's also the half-clone of Jesus. But not really.

Live-Action TV

  • Dennis Finch in Just Shoot Me.
  • Jack Harkness from Doctor Who and Torchwood.
    • Amy can sometimes fall into this. She's only attracted to a few people but she's very blatant about it. Of course there's the time she practically molested the Doctor after one particularly nasty situation was over, but her very first episode has this exchange, when the Doctor is changing:

Rory: You've just summoned ... deadly aliens, aliens of death, - and now he's taking his clothes off.
Doctor: Turn your back if it embarrasses you. [Rory turns, Amy makes no move to do so]
Rory: Those clothes belong to people, you know... [To Amy] Aren't you going to turn your back?
Amy: [Looking quite pleased with what she's seeing] Nope!

  • Not to mention the time that the TARDIS got trapped inside itself both spatially and temporally, and Amy and her time-displaced self started hitting on each other. Rory's response to this was to drool on the TARDIS floor.
  • River. At first she seems to have Single-Target Sexuality but later episodes show her amused appreciation when she sees what she assumes to be one of her guards dressed as a Roman, (a flash of lightning reveals it to be Rory who is in fact her dad) cheerfully saying that they must have finally started reading her memos.
  • Jason Stackhouse from the HBO series version of True Blood. His antics constantly get him into trouble, but he's not portrayed as a bad person, just... dumb.
    • His book counterpart didn't have most of HBO!Jason's vices: He was just a good-natured lunkhead of a Kavorka Man who tended to think with the wrong head. Recent personal tragedy has motivated him to clean up his act.
  • Barney from How I Met Your Mother is set up as this, but in a more reasonable way—the audience loves his antics, but his friends tend to find him crude.
    • Lily is also an example of this, but monogamous. She once claims that if Marshall stopped having sex with her, she would be "giving it up on the street for a nickel."
      • Oh please. Lily has frequently made comments about, and passes at, Robin to varying degrees of perversion. Of course, this could just be that she likes Robin in particular, or that she's bi in general.
  • Patrick from Coupling. Most of the characters qualify to some extent, but he's the most extreme.
  • Dean Winchester. Dude returns from 40 years of unspeakable torment in Hell and one of the first things he does is check out the porn rack at the convenience store.
    • Although, he does go for food and water and cleans himself up in the bathroom. It just seemed like the porn rack was there and he said "Why not!"
  • Copélia from the Brazilian Sitcom Toma Lá, Dá Cá practically is this trope given flesh, to her daughter's chagrin. She's the principle source of sexual jokes in the show, and is prone to tell stories of her past lovers and their adventures. Thing is, she's way past her age, being at least in her seventies, and still kicking.
  • Fez from That '70s Show definitely qualifies: he has been caught peeping onto characters having sex many, many times, but nobody seems to dislike him for it.
  • Joey from Friends talks openly and often about his many, many sexual conquests, at one point admitting to deflowering an intern on the set of his television show. His love of pornography is also the target of numerous jokes. Phoebe is also a candidate; she is almost as promiscuous as Joey, and is prone to inappropriate comments (e.g., upon catching a glimpse of Chandler's member in the bath, she comments cheerily 'Mazel tov!')
  • Gender inversion: Angela on Bones, never made more evident than in the recent arc when she tries to take a temporary vow of celibacy at the staff psychiatrist's suggestion in order to help her form "more meaningful relationships". All it seems to do, as Hodgins points out, is increase her libido.
  • Vince Masuka on Dexter:

Masuka: Chocolate Lava Cakes. My specialty!
Debra: You have a specialty?
Masuka: A river of chocolate love that melts in your mouth!
Debra: You can make anything sound perverted!
Masuka: [grinning] It's a gift!

  • Dr. Todd Quinlan, a.k.a. "The Todd" from Scrubs. Also fits Anything That Moves. The Todd largely avoids any serious consequences for his clearly inappropriate behavior, though it is worth noting that The Todd genuinely isn't malicious or sleazy so much as he is an Idiot Man Child.
  • Blanche Deveraux from The Golden Girls is the definitive female example.
  • Dan Fielding on Night Court. If you looked up "hornball" in an American Dictionary in the 1980s you'd see his picture. By the last season of the series, he had plotlines that didn't involve attempts to get laid about as often as Captain Kirk had plotlines that didn't involve space travel.
  • Dick Martin's persona on Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In.
  • Chiana from Farscape. Her main method of learning information or negotiation generally involves a laaarge helping of extremely blatant flirting/sexual propositions. Upon meeting Crichton's 13-year old nephew, she is shocked to discover he's still a virgin.
  • Kaylee Frye from Firefly. Introduced to Captain Mal while having sex with the former mechanic, and totally open about her sexual frustration - to the point where in the movie she laments how it's been almost a year since she's had anything "twixt my nethers weren't run on batteries!"
  • Brad Sherwood on Whose Line Is It Anyway? tended to slip into this role. As did Tony Slattery before him.


  • A longtime Urban Legend (which unfortunately, will not go away) British musician Sting that claimed he could have sex for five hours straight due to practice of Tantra. His wife Trudie Styler eventually publicly debunked it, claiming it was an exaggeration that came out of something he had said to a friend while both of them were drinking.

New Media

  • Nineteen from Descendant of a Demon Lord has a habit of sneaking in Celes's bed and waiting for Celes to show up or wake up when Nineteen wants to talk to Celes about espionage. Nineteen also flirts with Celes during these talks. Things like threatening to punish Nineteen up only result in her talking about BDSM. One time when Nineteen decided to leave her meeting with Celes she said “Well, you two have fun. I’ve got places to peep!”

Newspaper Comics

Professional Wrestling

  • Jerry Lawler. Despite being old enough to be the father—or, in some cases, grandfather—of the female wrestlers, still inevitably leches over them on commentary, often to a disturbing degree. Even his broadcast partner is uncomfortable sometimes. Oddly, none of the women seem to watch the tape and complain about his behavior in public... you think that story arc would write itself...
    • Some say he's actually like that in real life (to a lesser degree anyway).
    • Worth noting is that these days he's not quite as bad about it as he used to be, possibly due to WWE going PG. He has lampshaded his formerly perverse nature on at least one occasion.
    • And even at his lechiest (is that a word?), he was also known for getting in the ring and defending women, when other wrestlers physically threatened them. Even if it meant getting beaten up.
      • I think it'd be "most lecherous." Note that this also makes him a Chivalrous Pervert, and he is in fact the only professional wrestling example on that page.

Video Games

  • Margus from the RPG Rondo of Swords. If it looks female, he'll flirt with it. When the party hears at one point that a girl has been kidnapped, Margus presses the witness for some very important information: was she hot?
  • Shadow Rise in Persona 4, though it's debatable exactly how lovable she is, being evil and all. She does seem unable to say anything that isn't an innuendo, so I guess it counts.
  • Haken Browning from Endless Frontier is this trope, though considering bloody near every woman in the game (even the flat chested ones and the lolis) are always some form of walking (and often fighting) Fetish Fuel, one would wonder about his sexuality if he didn't act like this, and despite him being adopted by John Moses it's also In the Blood.
    • Interestingly enough, a minor NPC gets into a bit of one sided Ho Yay with him, and despite the fact he's clearly not interested, he's also pretty even tempered about it.
    • Straight Man Reiji is a bit more even tempered despite the insane amounts of Fetish Fuel and Fan Service. Then again, he might have a slight aversion to it because his main enemy, Saya, takes the term "foxy lady" and runs with it.
  • Isabela in Dragon Age 2.
  • Zelos Wilder of Tales of Symphonia, who even has a special in-game skill that lets him flirt with female NPCs for free items and money. He earns a special title for flirting with every girl in the game. There are also many (hilarious) Z-skits about his womanizing, including one where he thinks about hitting on Celsius.
  • Morte in Planescape: Torment, being a disembodied skull, can't do much to act on his lecherous streak, but that doesn't stop him from admiring and making passes at female bodies, living or dead. The Nameless One can set him up with a prostitute for a gratifying skull-polishing, or send him to learn new obscenities from a dominatrix.
  • In Snow Sakura, the Bromantic Foil Sumiyoshi takes this role.
  • Master Hentai from Grand Theft Auto IV's Show Within a Show, Princess Robot Bubblegum, who is a very exaggerated parody of this trope. He carries a very phallic walking stick around, strokes his beard in suggestive manner when he is thinking, likes to put the title character trough various training sessions while she is wearing very skimpy clothing, during which he will frequently take pictures, and mentions in passing that he is a registered sex-offender because of a "misunderstanding" about an "innocent swimming lesson". He still manages qualify for the lovable part, since he is portrayed so ridiculously over the top.
  • Taokaka from BlazBlue has an intense, seemingly-fetishistic interest in breasts, going so far as to randomly grope girls and to be dismissive of any girl that doesn't have a sufficiently large chest. This is in rather dramatic contrast to her otherwise innocent, childish personality.
    • But when you think about it, it seems extremely in-line with her childish personality when you consider that she likes them since they're "bouncy and squishy", and is possibly outright oblivious to the sexual connotations of it.
  • Rance of the Rance Series takes this Up to Eleven.
  • Touhou fandom has declared that Marisa is this trope, flying around Gensoukyou and stealing everyone's Precious Things.
  • Travis Touchdown
  • Andrew, the resident sexist ninja mecha pilot with sideburns from the old SRPG Vanguard Bandits for the PS 1. Flirty with every woman in the party, even when they turn him down, loved so many woman another party member was in tears over it, and loves his buddy Bastion in an entirely plutonic way.
  • Gillian Seed in Snatcher.

Visual Novels

  • Minor character Nene, the school nurse, from Kara no Shoujo apparently helps the female students relieve stress and when Reiji comes in right after they've finished makes a similar proposition to him.
  • While Shiki from Tsukihime does not go around openly being a pervert, he is so very much a sex maniac it's kinda scary.

Web Comics

Web Original

  • What Is This Black Magic You Call Science? has the villain Polly, a quite pretty candy witch who tries to bed every handsome young man she sees... but only her partner-in-crime Jack gives in [since he doesn't care].
  • Zaboo, the Stalker with a Crush from The Guild, is usually portrayed sympathetically. In fact, many fangirls wonder why Codex doesn't hook up with him - "he's so attentive".
  • Agent Luxury of the PPC, though she's not very lovable from the point of view of her glomping victims.
  • Sex educator Laci Green jokingly behaves like this to get her points across.
  • Princess Molestia from this particular Tumblr (kind of NSFW). She does (almost) everything that moves (mares preferred), but is quite cheerful and (mostly) harmless in every other aspect.
    • She's surprisingly sympathetic. She truly does care for her sister and her protege Twilight Sparkle And in a recent strip, her mother (Lauren Faust's alicorn) makes an appearance, but Celestia avoids her due to the implication that she's rather embarrassed and a little ashamed of her philandering.

Western Animation

Real Life

  • Bon Scott. At least, according to his discography.
  • Russell Brand, considering he actually suffers from a sex addiction.
  • According to Cracked.com's 6 Famous Geniuses You Didn't Know Were Perverts, "Einstein spent his time postulating his wiener into as many women as possible."
  • Benjamin Franklin.
    • Gouverneur Morris, a lesser known, but almost as important founding father (he wrote the Preamble to the Constitution).
  • Fleece Johnson.
  • Lemmy of Motorhead once bragged that he had slept with well over a thousand women, and they apparently kept coming to him all the way to the end of his life.
  • Hugh Hefner was the living embodiment of this trope. He once stated that his favorite birthday gift he ever got was his current girlfriend in the grotto... along with seventeen of her closest bunny friends.
  • Margaret Cho, who says she's either a sex addict or a gay man and has written adorable songs about "Your Dick" (Ooh-ooh-ooh).
  • Although you could try hanging this on many movie stars, Jack Nicholson is likely the all-time Hollywood exemplar. Kim Basinger once called him "the most highly-sexed individual I have ever met."
  1. Though he did cause an orgy in a frat house last time Harry let him out.