Doctor Frankenstein

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If you're looking for Frankenstein's Monster, try checking that link.

An editor enamored of the idea of making a new entry, choosing his words carefully and then panics. Is it too long? Repetitive? Their entry has gotten away from them, mutated into something else as they typed, and they didn't realize their horrible creation until hitting send. And the temptation for the creation has just beaten out the solution of simply wiping the entry. The best route is to flee the scene and hope Wiki Magic is bestowed on the foul beast.

Of course, the articles usually aren't that bad, but wikis are Serious Business.

Examples of Doctor Frankenstein include:
  • Comedic Sociopathy. The author knew what she meant, but Could Not Spit It Out. Until examples started turning up some months after its creation, there was definite temptation to delete it. Even now, there's a lurking dread that it tries to describe two entirely separate tropes in one article...
  • Not Allowed to Grow Up. User:Looney Toons created this article to discuss a mostly Forgotten Trope from the early days of television, in which the concept of a live-action program was so strictly defined (and unswervingly maintained by the production staff) that any children in the cast could not be allowed to grow up because it would ruin the concept of the show. The ultimate tragic example it gave was Anissa Jones of Family Affair, who was forced to play—to be—an 8-year-old all the way into her teens. The article was eventually taken over by hundreds of observations on how the characters in cartoons and books don't age, and the material on Anissa Jones was exiled to the Discussion page. (After the fork which created All The Tropes, Looney Toons rewrote the page and restored it to its original purpose.)