Elcenia/Tear Jerker

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  • Rhysel trying to build a transfer point to her native world, despite knowing it won't work.
  • Revenn's death and Rhysel's inability to contact him.
  • We already know that Rhysel's parent hit her when she was a kid, and then in Chapter 24, they call her a freak of nature and disapprove of the same magic that we often see her using to help people.


  • In Silver, chapters 12 and 13. The cured shren children who fear that they're not getting adopted, each of whom has a distinct and lovable personality, are heartbreaking enough. Then in 13, when they've chosen who to adopt and Ehail is happier than she's ever been...

"There's a couple of dragons in my office, and they want Kenar."

  • ...everything gets shot to hell.


  • We find out to what much extent the Mind Blast truly is once Talyn gets a way to partially treat it he never got to actually mourn Reveen
  • The state of Ryganaav before Talyn helping it and even worse after it