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  • In "The Sphinx," before the Riddle of the Sphinx is asked, a different one is posed by Roland: "What does a man do standing up, a woman sitting down, and a dog on three legs?" -Cue shocked looks from the rest of the cast- "Shakes hands!"
    • This one showed up in the TV series adaptation for Disney's |Hercules too.
  • More so in "Be Careful What You Wish For," where Eduardo winds up in the body of Kylie's cat after telling a Literal Genie that Kylie shows more love for her cat than she does him. Garrett groans, "Oh, man, I don't even wanna know what he wished for!"
  • One example of not so much Getting Crap Past the Radar as the radar being switched off completely was in the pilot episode. When told by Garret and Roland not to kiss a possessed Kylie, Eduardo simply replies "Why not? She's legal!"
  • In "Rage", when Eduardo's sister-in-law first sees Egon, she exclaimes "Oh! I see you have a...guest." It's clear she thinks he's more than that.
  • In "The Crawler", Janine makes a remark that her relationship with Egon would be easier if love was something he could see in a microscope. We then hear Dr. Spengler say "Interesting. These paramecium are mating!"