Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas/Heartwarming

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  • While it was also Crazy Awesome, Duke driving like crazy so Dr. Gonzo wouldn't miss his flight is pretty heartwarming considering their love-hate relationship when on and off the drugs. It's made especially Heartwarming, when Dr. Gonzo before boarding hands Duke one of his charms to remember him by.
  • While it was mostly to screw over an angry cop, much of why Sven the Hotel guy let Duke in his suite was because Duke, while in a rush was still able to politely ask for his reservation. The smile on Sven's face gives the impression that it's rare that tenants checking in are nice to him.
  • When Duke tricks Dr. Gonzo, who at the time is so tripped out he tried to kill himself in the hotel bathtub; into thinking he was gonna assist him in his sucide, but instead chucks a grapefruit at him and steals the recorder he was planning to kill himself in. It shows that despite the drugs and mayhem. Duke does care about Gonzo's well-being. Made a bit Harsher in Hindsight considering who Duke and Gonzo are based off of.

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