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    /wiki/Fetish Fuelwork
    Rule 36: No matter what it is, it is somebody's fetish. No exceptions.

    Fetish Fuel is a fan term used as a label for any element of a story that serves to titillate the reader's erotic or obsessional sensibilities.

    The term is not limited strictly to what your dictionary would define as a fetish. It stands in pretty well for the word 'fixation', actually. Both of these sentences mean the same thing:

    • “He has a Light Saber fixation.”
    • “Light Sabers are his fetish fuel.”

    Enforced by explicit media such as pornography and Hentai. Especially hentai. They're meant solely to provide Fetish Fuel, usually (but not always) at the expense of story.

    No examples, please; All The Tropes does not collect examples of fetish fuel. Back in the day, TV Tropes did so for long enough to establish that literally everything is someone's fetish fuel, and that some few individuals are quite willing to go on about theirs at length. The content from fetish fuel was available at a nearby wiki (Fetish Fuel Wiki), but as of early 2019, this has been closed.

    Please note that this trope describes an Audience Reaction. For In-Universe examples please see Fetish. Please change any In-Universe examples of Fetish Fuel to Fetish.

    Fetish Fuel Station Attendant redirects here for the same reason and should be cleaned up in the same way, except that examples should be checked to see whether they properly belong in Ms. Fanservice or Mr. Fanservice.