Fight Quest/Heartwarming

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  • The series in general actually comes together as one. Being a fairly typical all-American boy from New Jersey, what was the lesson Doug took from it all? That people everywhere are dealing with the same worries, celebrating the same blessings, and working for the same ideals. You Are Not Alone, applied to the entire world.
  • Every time Doug and Jimmy get to sharing a laugh with their training partners and teachers. Language barriers aren't insurmountable, and not all humor is untranslatable.
  • There's also Jimmy's expression in the Kalaripayattu episode when he gets to not only see a real live elephant, but ride it. He just looks so adorably floored, like he's a kid who realized he's grown up and now owns a candy store. It has bonus significance because Jimmy takes Ganesha as inspiration, as the lord of overcoming all obstacles.