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  • While none of the guys express open romantic feelings for each other, Noctis' friends still get a fair amount of this sort of thing.
    • Ignis in particular got a TON of this in his own DLC episode, which you could honestly interpret as the actions of a lover (Ignis) doing anything to shield his beloved (Noctis), and it would make way too much sense.
    • The guys do seem to be aware they have this going on, to the point they even joke about it when Prompto remarks a dining spot would be romantic and the other guys point out he gets the share it with all three of them, fully lampshading the implications.

Prompto: *sigh* "This place is so romantic."
Gladio: "And you get to spend it with us."
Noctis: "All three of us."
Ignis: "You are a lucky man."

  • Ardyn has absolutely No Sense of Personal Space, and whenever he not simply trying to piss Noctis off (and sometimes even then), he sounds like he's hitting on him. It does not help that at one point during the plot he purposely set's up the journey to himself to be as easy as possible for Noctis because he's been waiting for him. For ten years straight in fact.
  • Check Prompto's occasional photos, he sure does have a LOT of photos of the guys in various embarrassing positions like having their faces do a crotch plant.