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  • After being recruited (and flirted) to the good side, Roger tells Marth how he really loves Caeda. Marth's response to this is pure silence.
    • And then we learn in Shadow Dragon's ending that his title is "Still Single".
  • Shadow Dragon's endings have some funny notes:
    • Rickard is stated to have returned home. Shortly then, though, it's mentioned that the area around his home was robbed continuously.
    • Minerva helped to make Macedon flourish. Everyone in there wanted her to be queen, but the only one who didn't want to be queen...was herself.
  • Everything Rickard says and in BS Fire Emblem Episode 3. Absolutely EVERYTHING, especially his dealings with a suspicious Nabarl. Seriously. Kazue Ikura's performance as him is absolutely spot on and thoroughly hilarious.