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  • The reunion of Ursa and Zuko. Full stop.
  • "I would walk in the very depths of the Spirit World for you if I needed to." *inarticulate flail*
  • The chapter "Reunion". All of it. It starts of with Hakoda accepting the truth about Ursa's past unconditionally (just like he said he would) and completely averting the Was It All a Lie? and Reformed but Rejected senarios that always seem to occur after finding out your love interest was married to the Big Bad. When Ursa and Hakoda meet again he tells her that Zuko is no longer under Ozai's control and is actually fighting with the Avatar. Ursa (and the readers) shed happy tears. It ends with a proposal.
  • Katara's acceptance of Ursa.
  • "I'm not going to hate you tomorrow."