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Battle for Lion's Arch

So at the end of War in Kryta, players have to stop the White Mantle from killing Salma. But why did she have to stay in the capitol during the fight? The Shining Blade have access to a secret laboratory with an aura that makes every skill fail. She would've been untouchable there!

  • No time, the lab's entrance is on the other side of Kryta, With the amount of Mantle She'd be in too much danger if they tried to move her.
    • Also, they'd have lost due to sheer numbers and the fact that the Jade armors and bows apply spectral agony as part of every attack, rather than as a skill...
  • I understand that they were in a hurry, but why didn't Zinn and Blimm bring their 30' engine of destruction to the battle?
    • Can you really imagine a pair of asuras -- Zinn and Blimm no less -- agreeing to move their work for a bunch of stupid bookahs? Surely you understand that their research is far more important than Surma or Salami or whatever.
      • Normally I'd agree with you, however given that they were being taken into a nigh-inescapable location to help fight a force seemingly intent on killing EVERYONE there, I assume a genius like Zinn would be willing to take the golem along, even if it is just as a means of escape should things go horribly wrong.

Cathedral Collapse

In "The Arborstone", after you collect the Sacred Urn, the cathedral starts collapsing on top of you, causing the "Cathedral Collapse" effect, which rains rocks down on you every few seconds. However, you can still get hit by Cathedral Collapse in areas where there are no roofs above you. How?

  • Rocks sliding off sideways? (I never actually thought of this before, though, thanks for pointing it out.). In addition, when does the cathedral stop collapsing, and how do the Kurzicks do it (If the process doesn't stop automatically at some point.)?
    • It really makes no sense, but it's an excuse to charge up the urn when someone is in possession of it. Having it stop in a crucial moment could've been a fatal mistake, so i guess they had the collapse effect happen at any moment.

Vision Crystal

In the Elona Reach mission, why does Turai Ossa start the vision crystal ritual before having all the pieces together? I suppose he wouldn't want to wait and allow more time for a forgotten attack, but starting the ritual earlier does still seem risky (Mission wise, either crystal option could be interesting). On a gameplay note for the mission, it's too bad that the priests do not join the player's party, rather than wandering on their own and getting killed.

Nundu Bay: Dream or Real

Are we just fighting inside a dream of Melonni's, or did the Marga Coast actually go Nightfall while we were inside the sunspear Sanctuary? A mission inside a dream seems very strange, but the mission briefings do seem to lean towards this, and the cutscene before the mission briefing shows no torment lands. The mission dialogue seems to suggest that Nightfall came very suddenly, but that does seem something that could happen in a dream.

  • The mission takes place in the Nightfallen Marga Coast (only accessible through the Nundu Bay mission), just like how the Jennur's Horde mission takes place in the Nightfallen Garden of Seborhin. This might not be spelled out in the primary quests, but is All There in the Manual. (Check the "Nightfall (event)" page on the official wiki; questions about the game are better answered there than here.)
  • (original poster here) I know about the information on the wiki (And am the person who started the Nightfall (event) article), the issue is that bits of the game point in both directions. Some in mission dialogue says that the event actually happened, but it is not shown in the first mission cutscene, and people do talk about "Melonni confronting her nightmares", as a description.

These Guys Suck at Espionage

Markis is the White Mantle's mole, while Dinas is the Shining Blade's reverse mole. So, if both groups have spies embedded deeply within the enemy organisation, why aren't both groups aware that there are spies in their midst? Markis's betrayal was played as a huge shock to the Shining Blade, while Dinas was trusted by the Mantle right up until the Battle for Lion's Arch. Huh?

  • Maybe they were Genre Savvy enough to not tell everyone they had The Mole, so thus Dinas couldn't know who it was, even if he found out there was a mole in their midst? For all he knew, it could ahve been you.