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Guild Wars 2 Classes (guessed before release)

At least on the guild wars forums I've been on, the guessed classes in general appear to be:

  • Paladin type character (soldier)
  • Ranger (adventurer)
  • Assasin type class (adventurer)
  • Mesmer (scholar)
  • Necromancer type class (scholar)
  • Engineer/gunman type character (adventurer)

This is based on separating the images, concept art, and in particular the colors associated with particular pieces of concept art than match original guild wars classes.

The one I disagree with is the engineer guess. It's based on a gun user, but does seem somewhat out of place (as the gunpowder technology represented mostly seems quite old, early musket and cannon level, and would not seem to provide a large enough variety of skills), although I could see a gunpowder based character that uses early grenades and mines. My guess is this will be a larger class that includes these elements, though.

More detailed guesses:

  • Paladin type class: Will use maces, swords, wands. Will have something similar to elementalist attunements to further diversify this weapon choice. roles will include physical damage dealing, physical defense (the closest guild wars 2 has to tanking), spell based defense (like a protection monk), healing.
  • Ranger: Will use all bows, all guns, 1-2 melee weapons. Will have a mechanic for switching between traps like skills, direct damage, conditions, and/or disruption. Am not sure how Pets will work within this system.
  • Assasin: Daggers, shortbow, pistol, possibly 1-2 other melee weapons. Will have skills for burst damage, sustained direct damage, movement, and disruption. Am not sure how switching mechanics might work.
  • Mesmer: Weapons are staffs/wands/orbs, plus a dagger, possibly another melee weapon. Will resemble original Guild Wars mesmers, but with more damage over time, and the ability to buff allies in various ways.
  • Necromancer: Daggers, wands, staffs. Will be able to switch between animation spells, healing (from blood magic and/or ritualist type spirits), curse type spells, and direct spell damage.
  • Engineer/Gunman: If included, will use grenades, mines, and guns for direct damage or disruption.

(Same guy as the first guesses)Since the previous guesses have proven so currect, as of October 2010, I'll make some new ones for the 4 remaining professions.

  • Paladin type character: Healing, close in damage, buffs, possibly some smiting type skills. Weapons are Hammer, Greatsword, sword, mace, scepter, pistol, shield, warhorn, torch.
    • Confirmed with the Guardian
  • Assassin type character: Conditions, Spike skills, Quick movement. Weapons are shortbow, pistol, daggers, sword, ax, possibly rifle, longbow, and/or mace.
    • Semi-Confirmed with the Thief
  • Mesmer: conditions, damage over time, disruption. Weapons are scepter, daggers, focus, sword, staff.
  • Gunner Type Class: long ranger damage, turrets, disruption. Weapons are hammer, rifle, mace, torch, pistols, shield, possibly ax.
    • Confirmed with the Engineer.

Class Names

See above classes for what name fits what class.

  • Soldiers: Warrior, Wammo
  • Adventurers: Touch Ranger, Permasin, Ursan
  • Scholars: Elementalist, MM, Hexway

New Tropes invoked in Sequel

  • Guns Akimbo Pistols are a one-handed weapon and will be PC equipable. One-handed weapons can be dual wielded. 1 pistol+1 pistol=dual wield!
  • Sword and Gun In the same vein, may not be possible due to class wielding incompatibilities. Currently, no classes capable of using a sword can use pistols. This troper did note enemy forces in the game demo that wielded a blade and pistol, however.
    • Confirmed with the Thief Class (on both counts of the above, actually), and not only will they be capable of attacking in both ranged and melee with one, the other, or both, but will have specific abilities to let them make the most use of it.
  • Big Freakin' Swords While swords are in the present game, and some might be fairly large, they're all used as one handed weapons and best paired with shields. According to the description for Greatswords in the GW2 site, not only are these types of swords two handers, but they apparently do lots of AoE damage. Perhaps the Developers have been reading a little bit of Berserk? on that note...

One of the Warrior Armors in the sequel will be the Berserk Armor

Exactly What It Says on the Tin

Original Guild Wars: Keiran Thackeray's Level up into Badass was caused by...

  • A chance meeting with the Guild Wars-version of Kamina.

The Sylvari in Guild Wars 2 are reincarnations of the Druids

  • Melandru, Goddess of the Earth and the Wild has seen the state of Tyria and summoned forth her closest disciples in the form of the Sylvari to aid in the defense of the world against the Dragons.

The Player Characters have an Extreme case of PTSD

  • Notice that during the Winds of Change Storyline (Especially in the tail end of part one and the whole of part three..)The Player character seems allot more Cynical then the rest of the Dialogue their normally given.

Now think of what happened to them: Prophcies characters: They lost EVERYTHING they ever loved during the searing, then It Got Worse for them from there. Canthan Caracters: young normal Student suddenly thrust into action after a plauge strikes, a plauge that took a friend from them. Then they died, got rived and then their Pyrrhic Victory Cost them the life of their teacher. Night Fall Characters: ...Just all of nightfall, That couldn't be good for anyone's psyche. All those losses, all that pain, The Player character is a ticking timebomb held back only by the friendship of the heroes that follow them.