Hell Girl/Awesome

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  • When Ai fires an energy blast at Hone Onna and Ren after telling them to shut up for interrupting her attempts to subvert Tsugumi's decision
  • When Ai destroys the temple dedicated to help the spirits of the kids that were sacrificated by the mountain village to the gods rest, made by Sentarou, with a massive energy blast and walks away, indicating that she got over her past and will finally move on.
  • There's also Ai basically saying "Screw it" and saving the life of the little boy that was the target of a contract in the ending of the second season because he reminded her of what she had to endure in life
  • Let's not forget Tsugumi's ultimate rejection of Ai's Mind Rape -- telling her that no, she will not send her father Hajime to Hell.
  • When Takuma threatens to burn down the house of one of the people who victimized him and calls out an angry mob for their sins.
  • Regardless of the fate of the contractor, when Ai punishes an Asshole Victim who had it coming, it is always awesome.