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Yergan's Yellow Skin

Yergan has Yellow skin for some unknown reason

Demolicious' Actual Motive

If she wanted to help her father by stealing the Pandorian Malachite, that was the wrong way to go about it. Did she have any close friends to confide about her family troubles?

  • Well, it is possible she doesn't have any actual friends, considering she has a) purple hair b) glowing purple eyes, and c) super strength. Super powers can be a bummer sometimes. Also, she is only a teenager, could you expect her to come up with a reasonable plan?

The game is failing because...

Unlike most other Artix Entertainment games, evil players are winning almost every war in Hero Smash, and Gullible Lemmings support the winning side. As a result, the staff have no idea how to continue the story of this game without turning it into a complete Crapsack World. Not to mention the latest 3D project coming up...