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  • During Nori and Nazuna's welcoming party, Miyako attempts to break the ice by pulling out a conversation die. The die looks inconspicuous enough, with the visible face showing "Introduce yourself". She gives it a roll... and gets "Do you like hamburgers?", to which she gives an enthusiastic "Yes!" and everyone else gives looks of bewilderment.
  • In the previous season, Yuno and Miyako are coming back from playing volleyball when Yuno realizes that she forgot her jersey. Miyako offers to take her bag while she goes back to get it, sets herself up to receive, and yells "Pass! Pass!" Yuno throws her the bag... and sets herself up to pass, yelling "Receive! Receive!" and knocks the bag back into Yuno's face.
  • In one of the special episodes in the first season, it opens with Yuno turning off her alarm. The camera then cuts to an exterior shot of the Hidamari apartments and the building suddenly explodes. Ume-sensei pops up and says, "Just kidding!" and the episode resumes normally.
  • "Potato! Carrot! Onion! Broccoli! Chicken! Flour! Butter!"
  • "Curse you, Internets!"