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    Hunie Pop is pretty fun

    GethN7 (talkcontribs)

    Hunie Pop is, at it's roots, Bejeweled as a dating sim, and while it's not the deepest game on the planet, it's fun for what it is.

    The puzzle aspect revolves around a match three styled game that is easy on easy difficulty, legitimately challenging on harder difficulties, and the game provides various ways to tilt victory in your favor, with none of them being too overpowered.

    The dating sim aspect revolves around a series of girls that tick off a bunch of stereotypes, though none are presented in an insensitive way, and they all have their own personalities and interactions with one another, so while they are based on cliches, none are one dimensional. The game itself has a very meta-awareness of it's own cliches, and tends to lampshade them in a snarky way, which generally tends to be amusing.

    The dating sim part can provide a few days of fun, but an avid player will likely discover all the content in that regard very quickly, though the puzzle element is still worth coming back for replaying if you're a fan of match three gaming.

    The game is censored on Steam, though all the censorship removal patch does is restore a few still adult images of the "after sex" moments after you successfully date a girl to the point they sleep with your character, and their absence does not impact the game in any meaningful way, though having it restored is also painless and easy.

    Overall, it's worth the price asked for it, and will provide match three fans some fun times.

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