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  • "Well Schooled in Murder": Havers has a rather perverted sense of humour, as seen by her quip after a suspect has, er, exposed himself to the two of them:

Barbara: How shall I phrase that in my notes, sir? Would "hung" and "donkey" cover it?

  • "Playing for the Ashes": When Barbara and Helen agree that Firemen Are Hot:

Helen: Two female arsonists burnt down half a dozen semis between them. Something to do with firemen in...
Barbara: ...uniforms, yeah. Just sat back and waited for the hunks with their hoses. [they laugh]
[Lynley stares at them in disbelief]

  • "A Cry for Justice": After Havers has been reinstated.

Lynley: You really should keep up, Sergeant.... Yes, Sergeant?
Barbara: [exasperated] You can stop calling me that!
Lynley: [cheeky grin] Sorry, Sergeant.

  • "In the Guise of Death":

Lynley: Think, Havers. What is Cornwall famous for?
Barbara: Pasties?
Lynley: Yeah, well, apart from that.
Barbara: Smoked fish.
Lynley: Forget the food!
Barbara: Well I wish I could, but we came out here without breakfast, remember?