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  • When Jackie runs along the top of a train that's going over a cliff and lands on solid ground, even the bad guys are awed.

Ratso: No way he's human.

  • Valmont's fight with Jackie at Mount Rushmore.
    • Which makes his Villain Decay in later seasons such a shame. This is really the only awesome moment Valmont has in the whole season.
      • Well, he did later kick Jackie off a cliff, and then he had some pretty good fights while possessed by Shendu.
    • During the adventure with the Sheep Talisman, Valmont takes a lot of flak for not getting him any Talismans. Then Shendu goes out in astral form, and Valmont has some pretty impressive snark when he returns.

Valmont: Shendu! Back so soon? What, no talismans?

    • And in the season finale, after being betrayed by Shendu and arrested by Section Thirteen, he escapes and goes off to Shendu's castle to try and steal the treasure he was promised.

Ratso: What're you doing boss?
Valmont: Raising cain.

  • Jackie Chan seems to have these quite often, not surprisingly. Likely his first of such moments was when he first fought the Enforcers in a playground, defeating them with... windshield wipers. This was when the Enforcers first realized how awesome Jackie was. Other characters seem to have these as well, Jade's breaking into the Section 13 vault James Bond-style and Uncle, when infused with the Dog talisman in "The Dog and Piggy Show" cemented his role as the badass he is.* For this troper, the first episode to feature Hak Foo was impressive, but the second featured his CMOA when he explained, in no uncertain terms, exactly why he wasn't using the talismans he had been given: "The horse for healing? I am not so easily injured. The rooster for levitation? I already fly. The dog for immortality? There isn't a man alive who can vanquish me!"
    • His introduction wasn't bad either. "I am Hak Foo, the last human you will ever lay eyes upon."
  • Uncle had one when he briefly made a fool of Hak Foo soon after his appearance (with some help from the immortality talisman, but still).

Jackie: "Jade! Uncle just leapt twenty feet into the air!"
Jade: "Go Uncle!"

    • He may have lost the fight, but seeing Uncle having been prepared for battle with Dao Lon Wong in "Viva Las Jackies" and having a blast-off with the other wizard was great. He should really take the time to prepare combat spells more often.
  • Jade, Jackie and Tohru all get one in the season 2 episode "The Good, The Bad, The Blind, The Deaf, And The Mute", when they manage to overcome the disabilities placed on them by Daolon Wong, saving Uncle and stopping him in the process. "Not handicapped... handicapable!"
  • Shendu tearing through all of section 13 with only three of his talisman powers and barely breaking a sweat
  • Valmont managing to (temporarily) throw off Shendu's possession by touching the Panku Box and knocking him out.
  • Shendu finally gets his wish to possess Jackie right after possessing Valmont for the entirety of season 2.
  • Jade somehow breaking into Section 13 and steals all the talismans in order to save Jackie from a poison. This quote sums it all up.

Captain Black: (having seen Jade on the monitors) "She can be a secret agent when she grows up."

  • Jade realizing she can be The Load in Déjà Vu
  • El Toro Fuerte's stand against two Demon Generals in Ninja Twilight

"This bridge is closed"

  • Jade, with the aid of a couple of talismans, besting the freaking Sky Demon in an aerial duel.
  • Tarakudo hitting the Bishonen Line at the end of season four. Even without his telekinesis he's as dangerous as ever.

"Over my demon body."

  • The episode "Black Magic" finally gave Captain Black another chance to shine. Being able to both fight and outwit his Super-Powered Evil Side was totally cool. Not to mention the fact that without the Oni Mask, his Dark Side didn't seem very dark at all. Even less than Jackie's, and he's the main hero of the show!