Jurassic Park: The Game/Nightmare Fuel

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For a game based on Jurassic Park, it's hardly surprising there's some truly scary moments.

  • From the first episode alone, the game starts off with a main character being chased by new dinosaurs, the Troodon and we, the players, are only able to their glowing eyes getting ever closer. As the episode progresses, two characters find themselves being stalked, and in one's case being eaten by a pack of Dilophosaurs, but not before being treated to glimpses of Nedry still being eaten by one. To top it off, you find yourself having to deal with the Tyrannosaur in the Visitor's Center and there is a moment where it is actually stomping up the stairs after you. Again, keep in mind, this is just the first episode.
  • In the case of Nedry, there's buildup. As you approach the vehicle, you can hear the sounds of bones crunching and flesh being ripped before you ever open the door.
  • The Troodon are so terrifying that most of the other predators flee from them. Even the Raptors. The Raptors.
  • The Troodon lay their eggs inside of their victims, while they're still alive.
  • The Mosasaur, which takes its tactics directly from Jaws.
  • Late in the game (after the puzzle with the blueprints), Billy hears some noises coming from a dark hallway and goes to check it out, suspecting Troodon. He doesn't see any glowing eyes, but still isn't sure. He slowly enters the hallway, creeps up to the darkness, and lights a flare... which reveals that a whole pack of Troodon is just inches from him.
    • Funny enough, that action is what saves his life since they can't stand the bright light. Too bad he already mentioned earlier that he only has one pair of pants.