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Season 1, Episode 16:


FLASHBACK! Many years ago, young James Ford is woken up by his mother as his father pounds on the door to their home. She orders him under the bed so that James's father will think he is at his grandparents' house. Finally, Mr. Ford breaks in and shoots his wife. He enters his son's room, sits on the bed and shoots himself, to the horror of his son.

Sawyer wakes up on the island without a shirt on. He hears rustling and realizes that there's a boar in his tent. He hits it and it flees, along with his tarp. He chases after it to no avail. In the forest, he hears the whispers, one of which says "It'll come back around". The next morning, he talks with Sayid (who is clearly amused by the situation) about what happened. Before he leaves to go after the boar, he asks Sayid what he heard in the jungle after escaping from Rousseau.

FLASHBACK! Sawyer enters a hotel room with a woman. Before they can get down to business, a former associate of Sawyer's, Hibbs, makes his prescence known. After sending the girl out of the room, Sawyer assaults Hibbs, reminding him that he told him he'd kill him if he ever saw him again. Hibbs replies that he's here to make things right and that Sawyer isn't the killing type. Hibbs tells him about Frank Duckett, a former Con Man living in Australia. According to Hibbs, Duckett is the same con-man who conned Sawyer's mother, which led to the murder-suicide of his parents.

Kate returns the gun she borrowed in the previous episode to Jack. All of the guns have been returned save one: Sawyer's. She offers to get it back. Jack is skeptical and tells her to let him keep it, not wanting her to owe Sawyer anything. At the caves, Claire (who is beginning to regain her memories) approaches Charlie and asks to go for a walk. Charlie, still in shock from killing Ethan, refuses. Meanwhile, Sawyer finds his tarp and hears the whispers (including the same one telling him "It'll come back around"). The boar appears and chases him as he drops his tarp. It knocks him into the mud, and Sawyer vows to kill it.

FLASHBACK! In Australia, Sawyer purchases a gun to kill Duckett. The shopkeeper warns him that if he finds he's not a killer, there's no turning back.

Hurley and Charlie bury Ethan. Hurley is concerned about Charlie's behavior and approaches Sayid. He asks if Sayid ever suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and asks Sayid to talk to Charlie. Meanwhile Sawyer attempts to track the boar, but fails at it. Kate offers to help him in exchange for carte blanche. Sawyer agrees. That night, they play a round of I Never. This provides some amusing tidbits of trivia about the two (Kate has been married, Sawyer wore pink in The Eighties, and neither of them have ever been to Disneyland). Things quickly turn serious when Sawyer implies that Kate is only interested in carte blanche to spend time with "the only person on this island that just don't belong". The game ends with the revelation that both Kate and Sawyer have killed a man.

That night, Sawyer has a nightmare about his parents' death, with his father being replaced by a boar saying "It'll come back around". He wakes up to find that the boar has once again destroyed his camp. The two are greeted by Locke, who is looking for things to salvage from the crash. He tells them a story about a dog that lived with him after his foster-sister died, suggesting she had been reincarnated as a dog.

FLASHBACK! Sawyer goes to shrimp cart Duckett runs, but is unable to kill him. He goes to a bar where he meets Christian Shepard and buys him a drink when Christian explains he misplaced his wallet. "Some people are born to suffer." Christian tells Sawyer. "That's why the Red Sox will never win the damn series." He tells Sawyer about his son and how he can't bring himself to call him and apologize. Christian encourages Sawyer to go after what he seeks if it will bring him peace. Sawyer returns to the shrimp cart and prepares himself.

Sayid talks to Charlie about how he once executed a man who placed a car bomb that killed a woman and her children, and how he had nightmares following it. He tells Charlie that he's not alone and that he shouldn't pretend to be.

Kate and Sawyer find the boar's wallow. Sawyer catches one of the babies and tries to use it to lure the father out. Upset, Kate knocks him over and leaves, telling him to find his own way home.

FLASHBACK! Sawyer shoots Duckett and begins reading his letter. Duckett is confused: He explains that he was going to pay Hibbs the money he owed. Before he dies, he says "It'll come back around". Sawyer is horrified to discover he killed the wrong man and flees.

Sawyer finds the boar and prepares to shoot, but doesn't. When he sees Kate was watching, he tells her it was just a boar and the two head back to camp. Charlie finds Claire and tells her he's ready to go for a walk. While Jack chops wood, Sawyer returns the gun. Sawyer explains that he "made a deal" with Kate, Jack says "That's why the Sox will never win the series". When Sawyer asks further, he learns that Jack's father was also a doctor and died in Australia. Jack wonders why Sawyer is asking about his father, but Sawyer says nothing more.