Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor/Awesome

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  • In a single act of the Force, Luke proves Cronal's philosophy wrong and effortlessly vaporizes him in hyperspace.

Luke Skywalker: "Escape? Me? Did you forget that you're the one who's running away?"

  • Then there's this, coming from an old clone trooper (remember that they're clones of Jango).

Group Captain Klick: "Lord Mandalore. Emperor Skywalker sends his regards. The situation has changed."

  • Han Solo destroying an entire wing of TIE fighters using nothing but asteroids and repulsorlifts.
  • Luke pulling off the feat that the Revenge of the Sith novel - written by the same author - called Anakin's masterpiece: safely landing a chunk of a huge damaged ship onto a planet.

"We have crew aboard who are running out of air. So we'll get them some. There's a whole planetful, right there."
"Sir! We don't have engines - we don't even have repulsorlifts. You're not actually suggesting we take this - this fragment of a ship into atmosphere with nothing but attitude thrusters-"
"That's right. I'm not suggesting. I'm ordering. And I'm not just taking us into the atmosphere." Luke stretched his hands out into the electrostatic control fields above the pilot console and let himself smile, just a bit; for the first time in weeks, he felt like a Jedi again. "I'm going to land this thing."