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  • Hikaru gets one in the first episode when she uses magic for the first time, complete with Theme Music Power-Up.
  • The first time the girls summon their borrowed weapons in the manga. Made even cooler when Umi realizes she's not the only one who knows how to use a weapon and compliments the others on it.
  • One word during the climax of episode 6 of the anime: "ESCUDO!"
  • Fuu gets one in episode 7 of the anime when she slices the Monster of the Week in half as it tries to eat her.
  • Hikaru has one that lasts half of episode 14 wherein she chases a monster that abducts Umi and Fuu. She charges headlong through a forest of thorns, gets knocked into a canyon, falls three times while climbing out, and, despite being quite a bloody mess, still has the strength to take out the monster in one hit from her sword and a magic spell. Determinator doesn't even begin to describe it.
    • Not only that--she figures out that the monster is able to smell out blood like a shark, so she cuts herself with her own sword in order to make it come back so she can kill it.
  • Hikaru vs. Lafarga, especially her Badass Boast in determining to win using only the sword despite being completely outclassed.
  • In the manga, Fuu's battle with Caldina. Her friends have been hypnotized to kill her, so she invents a spell on the spot to bind them. Then when Caldina takes control of her, she breaks the enchantment through sheer willpower and invents a second spell to take her out.

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