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For some reason, the original author(s) of these pages crammed multiple works into them. Not like a franchise page, but actually multiple versions of the same work: Remakes or Reboots, or simply the book and the movie(s) made from it.

This can get messy, especially when the tropes for the works are all mixed together into a single list. It's even worse if there's a substantial divergence between the different versions.

Wiki readers are better served if these works are broken out into their own pages, with different media types (and years, if necessary) distinguishing them. And it may be a good idea to add a disambiguation page under the most common (or best-known) title pointing at all of them. Don't forget to check and split out the subpages, too! (See the Starship Troopers page for a set of good examples.)

To add a page to this list, add the {{Multiple Works Need Separate Pages}} header to the page immediately after the {{work}} header.

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