Mahou Sentai Magiranger/Analysis

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Magiranger’s unique approach to Character Focus and Character Development.

With rare exception, each episode of Mahou Sentai Magiranger focuses on two members of the group with one as the primary focus and the other as the secondary, as opposed to just one character at a time as is usual in a Super Sentai series. Thus, not only does each episode develop two members of the group at a time, they also develop the relationship between the two characters. This results in each episode being both richer and having more long-term impact, even for those episodes that don’t advance the larger plot. In addition, this means that even when Kai is getting his contractually obligated focus above what the others get, he doesn't overshadow them

Furthermore, by making everyone siblings, a very close and powerful history between all the characters is already present and in place by the time the show begins. In this way, we can skip past the tedium of the characters getting to know one another and simply watch their various personalities bounce off one another, while also giving a power and depth to the dramatic scenes that can’t be had any other way.