Mega Man Zero/Funny

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Dark as it is, Mega Man Zero can sometimes provide us with a little laugh or two...

  • Zero 3 involves you meeting a redheaded Reploid girl whom you rescued in the first game. She asks Zero if he remembers her. If you say yes...

Resistance Girl: Of course you do! That's right! You rescued me when I was captured at that secret base! I'm so happy you remembered me! Here, let me give you some E-Crystals! [1]

  • SMOOCH!*

{{[[[Something Else Also Rises]] sound of E-Crystals filling up}}]

Resistance Girl: Don't tell Ciel about that, OK? Human girls get angry over little things like that.

    • Heck, even if you say no:

Resistance Girl: You're terrible! Even though you've kissed me before...Shoot, you probably forget every girl...

  • The same installment has the ridiculously awesome Omega Missile debacle, in which Zero has to stop Omega's missile from launching. He reaches the launch pad just as it's taking off, so what does he do? Jump on it. Ciel did not have that in mind.
    • He does it again in the next one. This time, the mission is to cut power to a particle beam cannon to make it stop firing, which he'll have to do from inside the installation. To operator Rouge's bewilderment, Zero has already found a way in:

Zero: That's okay... I'll just go in through the barrel.
Rouge: That's way too dangerous!
Zero: It looks like it is charging up... There's no time. Commencing mission!

  • A drama track focusing on Tagalong Kid Alouette. In her attempts to ask everyone around the base for a good name for the baby elves, Hilarity Ensues. Really. For starters, it results in Bridge Bunnies Rouge and Jaune bickering not just over their choice of names (which, on Rouge's part, included Crime and Punishment), but also over numerous Noodle Incidents which they blame on each other. Alouette goes over to Old Man Andrew, only to get exasperated when he tells another one of his long-winded stories, again. She focuses her attention on Zero, who just returned from a mission, and ignoring Andrew's ramblings, Alouette gets even more frustrated when Zero won't even attempt a suggestion. Alouette finally snaps at Zero, which in turn finally puts a stop to Andrew's story-telling. Andrew thinks Alouette got angry at him; Zero, however, knows otherwise...
  • The manga adaptation has one where Zero uses the newly-made flame chip to defeat Leviathan...and sets an entire city block on fire in the process. His reaction?

Zero: ...Isn't it too strong? :/

  • Zero 4's Z-Knuckle is sure to provide a few giggles when used on certain enemies. If you punch a Metool, for example, Zero swipes their hardhat and uses it as an impromptu shield.