Mighty Max/Nightmare Fuel

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Max fought some really creepy monsters for a children's show...

  • Special mention has to go to Spike. An Implacable Man with a face full of twigs (which we later learn he SHOVED INTO HIS OWN FACE to prove how tough he was) whose voice is a constant taunting cackle and who cheerfully threatens to eat the heart of a child.
    • The bone-chilling music that plays when he's chasing Norman just makes things even worse.
  • The finale can be considered one. Special mention goes to Norman's death. Imagine as a kid you grew attached to the bad ass guardian throughout the series but you see him not only lose to a giant spider but also you get to see him slowly get eaten by the spider while Norman desperately tries to escape. Also there is the Fridge Horror that Max will experience all the dangers he went through every time till he successfully defeats Skullmaster.
    • In addition, who all remembers the previous loop? Virgil does, but he has some magic. Max does, but he was at the cause and the Mighty One. Since Virgil remembers, we can rule it out being just the Mighty One. Skull Master has magic and was at the center of the spell that reversed time. I.e. even the Skull Master might remember the past attempt.
  • There's just something about the line, "The Sun nourishes all things, even evil" that is far more scary and badass than the vampire who said it had any right to be.
  • One of the few highlights of the tie-in videogame was the soul-chilling portrait of Skullmaster that appears on the game over screen.
  • The episode where the denizens and soulless people chase down after Max. By and fair one of the most intense episodes in the series, especially when Virgil recounts what happened to the last mighty one.
  • What happens to Dr. Stanley Kirby in Along Came Arachnoid. We can actually see him become more and more spider-like over the course of the episode.
  • Dr. Mac Taggart in The Werewolves of Dunneglen. It's hard to tell what's scarier, the werewolves being shackled while Dr. Mac Taggart's machines drain the blood out of them, the nightmarish wolf-like thing that Dr. Mac Taggart transforms into, which has three heads and four arms or the speech she gives right before transforming, where she alludes to Max and Cameron as "lunch."
  • During one episode, Skullmaster give a tribe of natives from an island a potion that contained dragon's blood. Said potion caused the natives to shift agonizingly into horrific lizard-monsters that pretty much lost all sense of themselves. To make matters worse, one of the natives only drank some of the potion leaving him completely aware of who he is, but trapped halfway between normal and lizard-man.
  • One episode had Max and Virgil about to undergo a proper, Ancient Egyptian mummification process. Virgil casually mentions that the Egyptians used hooks to pull one's brain from out of the nostrils as two hooks on chains descend from the ceiling.